The Spittoon experience !

Shaded Stardust , sucrose and mixed media, 30 cm diameter photo 17th June 2019 Niamh Cunningham 瑞莲 work inspired by poem by Chen Xianfa.

Last Sunday was definitely the day for literature. After leaving the Bloomsday celebrations at the Irish Embassy I headed over to the hutongs near the Drum and Bell tower . On my electric bike with the big long yellow skirt flapping in the wind I reached the Ball House in Gulou .

The Poetic Refractions Team  Spittoon launch of 5th issue
Poetic Refractions Team, hanging out the cool crowd!
Jack Calder , imposter yours truly, Zou Fei, Jennifer Fossenbell , Una Yan, Tian Tian Yuan and Iman Jabrah
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Bloomsday pop up exhibition at Embassy of Ireland

Bloomsday event Embassy of Ireland Beijing portraits by Niamh Cunningham
photo by Eric Favreliere

Bloomsday celebrates an ordinary day from which an extraordinary book is based. The 16th June 1904 is the day when James Joyce’s epic modern novel ‘Ulysses’ takes place. June 16th 2019 witnessed lots of fun events at the Embassy of Ireland in Beijing with a play directed by Mario Perez, readings, improv by the Beijing Broads, photo costume booth and of course art. The NorthGateProject founders Fion Gunn, Gulistan and myself exhibited a collection of artworks. We had an exhibition Odyssey the Return in April with Ulysses as the main theme.

When the rain stopped….Bloomsday Irish Embassy event photo credit: Zhou Jian 周建

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Leafy with Love & Green Waters of the Canal -showing at 9th Floor Art Museum , Songzhuang

Two of my sucrose works are currently showing in Songzhuang, Beijing .

9th Floor Art museum , Songzhuang.
Green waters of the Canal, sucrose and mixed media, Niamh Cunningham瑞莲 2018

More than 40 artists from the Beijing area participated in “A piece of Cotton Paper” curated by Chang Feng, special thanks also to Ms Yang Yang owner of this beautiful venue . Exhibition continues till July 15th .

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