Paper : Supreme, the Ordos Exhibition

Paper : Supreme is currently showing at the Ordos Culture and Arts Centre, Inner Mongolia. The exhibition continues to September 28th 2017.

Having long been the medium that carried and spread ancient traditional culture , paper is also used in Chinese language as an adjective about life ‘Life like paper’ is used as a rather melancholic term to refer to the ups and downs of existence.








‘Compared to other media, art on paper tends to be more direct , it is both concise and immediate. Paper also permeates a national identity .’said curator Chang Feng (长风). ‘On the other hand paper has this interesting randomness, a non-functionality and incompleteness which opens up a huge conversation’ 



Gratitude  is also extended to Mr Xièbǎozhōng (谢宝忠) of KinYinBa who supported and hosted the exhibition. Thank you also to Mr He(贺) for facilitating the details of this project. This is an exhibition that explores all dimensions of paper and some unexpected facets of the material . For a quick overview of a portion of this collection  I will present what the artists themselves say about their work.

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Female Artists Nomination at Da Yuntang Art Musuem, Wangjing


December 3rd  was a busy Saturday afternoon at Da Yuntang art Museum in Wangjing. The Kaimushi (opening ceremony) was presented by TV Director Li Yemo. This project was organised by the Beijing Women Artists Association, sponsored by Yi Qi Network and curated by Huang Qian.


It was an honour to meet many highly regarded artists who have been at the helm of Beijing art and art academia for many decades.

He Yun Lan (left)  worked as art editor and professor of fine arts , appraiser of National Art exhibitions and is currently the Director of Chinese Artists Association. The curator for the exhibition Huang Qian is standing in the centre and on her right side  is the accomplished Pan Ying , head of the Beijing Women Artists Association, an artist well known for her gongbi technique.

Huang Qian  commented that the exhibition is a bold attempt to explore the fusion of Chinese and Western Cultures, with an annual exhibition highlighting a range of artworks promoting cultural exchange with the  female artists.


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Currently showing in Hangzhou – Inside Out- a collaborative work

It has been to New York, it has been to Beijing, now the exhibition “Intimate Transgressions ” is showing in the impressive new Hangzhou Library until April 16th 2016.

NC & FG copy


This collaborative work  with Fion Gunn has taken several months in the planning. Having worked with Fion for years preparing, installing and deinstalling group shows in China this was an exciting project to finally make an artwork together. The work is called “Inside Out” and on first glance is presented as a bed.

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Currently showing work in Xi’an, Dahua 1935 March 8 – 22 . 2016

March 8th celebrated International Women’s day with an exhibition in the ancient city of Xi’an.

IMG_2258 (1) copy

Some of my chrome portraits are showing at this exhibition which runs in Xi’an from March 8th to March 22. You can see them in the photo here in the distance pink and red canvas to the left of the black panel.

The impressive venue Dahua 1935 in Xi’an used to be an old textile mill and the current show reiterates many textile references by the dispersal of the suspended banners .





Tony , 2010, 50 x50cm oil on canvas





Participating artists included ;
Hu Ling, Liu Xiaoshu, Wang Hui, Wang Xiaoshuang, Xiong Lijun, Zhu Keran, Choi-Rye, Denise Keele-bedford, Niamh Cunningham, Xiao Lu, Liu Jingyi, Qian Rongrong, Uchercie Tang,Xiang chengmei , Ai Yun, Racelar Ho, Elaine .Y. Yin, Yayoi Kusama


Curated by Ma Yiying, Hai Yin and Racelar

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Currently showing in Jiujiang Art Museum JAN 25TH – 30TH

Exhibition of International Representational and Abstract Art.


Opened in Jiangxi province on January 25th at 3 pm at Jiujiang Art Museum  “2016 Exhibition of International and Representational Art”.  The Exhibition is curated my Ma Yiying and Hu Yi with assistant curator Coral Lu.

link to Jiujiang exhibition information

Praha Attic, 2010, 50×50 cm oil on canvas

Exhibition history:

2016 International Representational and Abstract Art, Juijiang Art Museum, January 2016
2015 Red and Green Ningbo City cultural Centre, April 2014 (I am listed under Chinese name Ruilian 瑞莲)
2012 Baby Baby, Irish Wave -Shanghai , Central Plaza, Huangpi Bei Lu, March 2012



Praha Attic is based on a moment when my son looked out of a skylight window to see the surrounding roofscapes in my attic studio in Prague where we lived for a year.


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