Currently showing in Liaoning, Shenyang – Extension Space

‘Pouring redemption for me -sepia’, mixed media, 50x28cm Niamh Cunningham 2018

The exhibition opened on Sunday 16th September. On Paper.Supreme is showing in several venues in Shenyang (see below ) Some of my sucrose series are showing at the Extension space in  Shenyang city. Many thanks to curator Chang Feng and all the people of Extension Space .

The sucrose series explores loss and reclamation through process and materiality. It involves a sequence of multiple interventions and explores how the physical matter itself can continue to push the creation event. Some of the interventions include sewing, ‘burning off’ the digital image from the surface, adding colour and of course the crystalisation process of sugar. Once I am finished working on the ‘sugar painting’ the process of crystalisation may continue to transform and obliterate. The imagery itself is of nature and the environment, places around Beijing which I know well and for which I have a strong affinity. 

Here is a link to more information on my work the Sucrose Series 


Extension Space

Address: No. 81 Dashizi Street, Iron Anchor 1956 Wenchuang Garden

Phone: 024-31048310


Space opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:30-17:30

The exhibition continues till October 21st .

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I was thrilled to hear friends in Shenyang Aisling and Bella came to visit Extension Space.


Other venues include

*Without space

Address: No. 2, Xiandao North Road, Heping District, Shenyang

*Ten space

Address: No. 28, Shengjing Road, Shenyang City, the former government office of the Eastern Three Provinces

*Three by Three contemporary art space

Address: No. 10, Sanhao Street, Heping District, Shenyang (3rd Floor, Xiaohuang Building, opposite to Lumei Diagonal)

Some friends in Shenyang came to visit