Mortgaged Time – the Artworks

NIAMH CUNNINGHAM/瑞莲, Bachmann Girl 巴赫曼姑娘, 2017, Acrylic on canvas 布面丙烯, 100 x 100 cm


Anti War Poet Ingeborg Bachman spent her life’s work often using death as a motif, reflecting on the hidden forces of violence and oppression in society. She was appalled and yet fascinated by the fact that crimes against humanity were being committed on such a large scale even outside the boundaries of war.

The Aryan poet came to despise her father (a bona fide fascist) and began to identify with the Nazi Jewish victims.  Bachmann witnessed the Nazi troops march through her town when she was 12 years old of which she wrote “the pain came too early and was perhaps stronger than anything since … the monstrous brutality , the yelling, singing and marching, the first deathly anxiety attack .” The portrait above is based on a photograph of the poet as a young girl.


Li Xinmo and Amy Grubbs performing at The Red Gate Gallery Sunday 22nd April 2018.

Mortgaged Time is an international group exhibition at the Red Gate Gallery in 798 , Beijing. The artworks and performances pay homage to the post WWII poets Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan.

The exhibition is curated by Raimund Rosarius who is also a theatre director and the project is produced by Susanne Matz. It was these two stellar people who conceived the project. Huge thanks also to Brian Wallace and the wonderful Red Gate team including Feibi, Hongmei and Han Chunhai for hosting this special dialogue and also to the Austrian embassy for their support of the project.

Participating visual artists include:


FRED DUFOUR, Face No. 2 面谱之一, 2017, Photography 摄影, 70 x 100 cm

Fred Dufour

LI XINMO 李心沫, Wind Intranquil 不安的风, 2015, Clay 粘土, 40 x 30 x 30 cm

Li Xinmo;

FION GUNN, The Witnesses 证人, 2016, Acrylic on paper, Collages 纸上丙烯,拼贴画, 57 x 78 cm

Fion Gunn: . 


GAO PING 高平, Landscape 风景, 2012, Oil on canvas 布面油画, 50 x 60 cm

Gao Ping :

LI LI 李莉, in passing 海市, 2017, Photography 摄影, 70 x 100 cm

Li Li:

SHAMEERA WIEST, Blue No. 2 蓝之二, 2018, Oil on canvas 布面油画, 100 x 100 cm

Shameera Weist: http:

LI CHAO 李超, Apparatus’ Scars 时代伤痕, 2017, Mixed media 综合材料, 80 x 120 cm

Li Chao:

GAO YUAN 高媛, In Between No. 2 之间之二, 2014, Photography 摄影, 100 x 70

Gao Yuan,


BEN MCMILLAN, Objectified No. 2 穿帮之二, 2015, Photography 摄影, 66 x 100 c

Ben Mc Millan:

TAMI XIANG 向承美, Nuewa Reawakening No. 2 女蜗复苏之二, 2013, Photo Collages, 54.4 x 80 cm

Tami Xiang



NIAMH CUNNINGHAM/瑞莲, Huiyuan,BirdsNest汇源亚运村鸟巢, sucrose & mixed media on cotton 印花棉上的蔗糖2018, 20cm diam

Niamh Cunningham:


Mortgaged Time

Harder days are coming.
The loan of borrowed time
will be due on the horizon.
Soon you must lace up your boots
and chase the hounds back to the marsh farms.







“Variations of Drowning’ was performed at the opening on April 22nd 2018. Part of Li Xin Mo performance was based on Paul Celan’s poetry placing individual bones into a tank of water.


“I am the first to drink of the blue that still looks for its eye

I drink from your footprint and see

You roll through my fingers , pearl , and you grow,

You grow as do all the forgotten.”

Translated by Michael Hamburger

Other performances at the opening event included music by Fen Ni , dance by Amy Grubb and also various performances throughout the week .


Performance Artists


Li Xinmo, Gao Yuan as listed above  

Raimund Rosarius:

Fen Ni:

Amy Grubb:

Nina Dillenz :

Yang Wenliang:

Li Chao:


There will be a meet the artists event on Sunday April 29th at 2 pm , all are welcome




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