Journey, Image and Space-the Memory Palace Workshops

Memory Palace workshop at Gobi Heaven festival August 2019

I know a few things about ‘ear wind’, that little tornado of loss. Having struggled with Chinese language acquisition over the years, far too often I have had vocabulary and phrase learning gush in as ‘ear wind ‘ ….that is in one ear and (alas!) out the other. I recently started using memory palaces to help retain some smatterings of vocabulary. Strangely enough it has opened up unexpected worlds and other roads of curiosity. For example: I am finding time to read more books and actually taking notes of things I want to remember from those books. A couple of months ago I found myself sitting in a Beijing writers group listening to writers respond to other peoples writings (fascinating!). Even some of my attempts to remember dreams were partially successful ….. a chink in the door to other worlds! An improved memory undoubtedly expands the quality of living. The trick however is to make the discipline a daily practise.

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Gobi Heaven- Int’l Art Show : What the Artists Say

Gobi Heaven festival August 2019

The first of the Gobi Heaven festivals was held in Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia August 6-11 2019. This is the first of five annual festivals .

The International artist camp, curated by Suzanne Matz included various happenings alongside the exhibition hall. Apart from the indoor exhibition there were  out door art installations, impromptu art performances, music,  belly dancing, bilingual poetry happenings, rap workshop,  environmental  workshops, meditation  and visualization workshops.  I presented a workshop on Image and Memory in Space – Memory Palace workshop ….more on that in the next post.  

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