Work in Progress (photo taken Jul 1 2020 )

The upper image was from my final day in the Songzhuang studio ( Songzhuang village is located at the east of Beijing , it was previously known as the largest artist colony in the world . However now it is currently being restructured and rebuilt.

Memory Palace of Trees

I began this painting at the Songzhuang studio . The later photos are taken in my home studio where I continue to work . The work on this painting is intermittent working around the Sucrose Series and also the September 2020 exhibition at Dong Yue Art Museum. This work is part of the 'Memory Palace of Trees' Practice where I collect tree stories from young and old, from tree climbers to dendrologists, from dancers to poets, they all have tree stories to share . I have worked on this painting on and off over the past 6 months . I aim to complete it for Decembers Tree story.

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