A collection of Tree Stories

Memory Palace of Trees 2020
Memory Palace of Trees

Project 2020

Introduction to the Memory Palace

The ‘Memory Palace of Trees’ project 2020. This is a shared collection of stories about trees. I am gathering tales and information from people all over the world, not just here in China. Your story can be about any kind of tree, you might be a carpenter, an academic , a student who has just planted a tree, or someone who simply admires trees. Each week throughout 2020 a story or some kind of information on trees will be posted with either an artwork already made or perhaps your story will inspire me to make a new work! Throughout the year 2020 I also will be engaging and learning from various people such as foresters, nature filmmakers, photographers, carpenters, ethnic minorities, and reconnecting with other communities such as Friends of Nature and my old Hiking buddies .