Current  Events    2021



Currently showing in this online catalogue with Sasse Museum of Art , LA , USA



Currently Showing Portrait Series at the EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) Research Centre , School of Medicine, Tsinghua University



Recent Events  





Two of my ‘Forest Breath’ paintings showing at the ‘Rhythm of LIfe’ at Xishuangbanna  State Art Museum in Jinghong , Yunnan till Dec 31st 



     ‘Linear’  is a group exhibition showing till Dec 20th . I am currently showing my hair sculptures. 

Her Name – Existence  a group exhibition curated by Zhen Guo , academic chair Li Xiaonan.

Peninsula Art Museum, Weihai, Shangdong, from  July 16th  to October 22nd


‘Linear ‘  A group exhibition curated by Chang Feng  at LangKong Art Museum 798 Beijing,  July 7th – July 30th 2021

I am showing the Hair Skull and the Hair Lock 


The Second Step  a solo exhibition of portraits in the Hutongs of Hou Hai from 6th June to 8th August 2021 

Curator Jacopo Della Ragione has selected 18 portraits to reach new audiences for the Summer in Longtoujing Street 




Astro World – Exit Tourism   


A group exhibition curated by Doug Lewis  at Kun Art Museum , Solana Mall, from June 5th to June 26th 2021 














                   Art Beijing 2021  April 30th – May 3rd 

                 Booth B28  : Embassy of Ireland 

                 Garden of Friendship a collection of Irish Contemporary Art 


                 National Agricultural Exhibition Centre, Beijing


                 “Garden of Friendship” is hosted by the Embassy of Ireland in China with the support of the 

                  Department of Foreign Affairs 

                  Preview April 30th    15.00- 22.00

                  Exhibition May 1-3  11.00-19.00




                   Helen G Blake

                   Abigail O Brien

                   Tom Climent

                   Niamh Cunningham

                   Bernadette Doolan

                   Pauline Flynn

                   Maurice Quillinan

                   Robert Ryan

                   Una Sealy

                   Donald Teskey

                   Samuel Walsh



                  Curated by Niamh Cunningham in cooperation with Peking Art Associates Ltd.

                  and Wuyijia  (Beijing) Culture and Art Ltd .



                   Click here for an overview of this exhibition 


                  “Garden of Friendship” evolved from the “Youyi Visual” exhibition in Hangzhou which was

                   brought to China by Maurice Quillinan and a team of supporters in 2019. This selected  

                   rendition presents an eclectic spectrum of Irish Contemporary Art to the Beijing public. 

                   It is the garden with all its diversity that points to our relationships. At this unique moment

                 “Garden of Friendship” offers new perspectives on connections and elicits from us our   

                   greatest creativity and courage and the intriguing prospect that we can build a safer and 

                   more inclusive home. 









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