Hair Skull



Hair Skull Niamh Cunningham Beijing 2013 Hair Skull Niamh Cunningham

Thought processes interest me, when we are able to look at ourselves while we understand something we take into account our own perceptions and those limitations. I love the idea of being able to look at ourselves when we think and having a see-through skull made of our own organic material is what you see here.

The Hair Skull is carefully knitted from  my hair. It took over eight months to make and was originally made for an exhibition called Walls and Borders. The eye sockets and nasal passage sections were knitted with the same hair but separately dyed. Hair is a wonderful tensile material to work with but the whole neighbourhood can hear when I drop a stitch!

Exhibition history

2013 – Exhibition Walls and Borders ,  3C space , 798 , Beijing

2014 – Exhibition Material World , Loftooo Gallery , M50 , Shanghai