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July – Emoji Trees

Early Evening Yunnan oil on canvas 2014 50 x 150 cm Niamh Cunningham 2014 Very grateful to Sofia Ballon for this month’s tree story of a strange tree that seemed to be reappearing on her travels in Peru. ************************* In 2015 I went on a trip to the north-central...

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Sucrose Series -currently showing at Wuxi Bund Art Centre

Pond Poplars   池边白杨11.02.20 sucrose series Niamh Cunningham 2020 I am very pleased to be exhibiting some of my work in a physical space for the first time in the year 2020. Silent Explosion opened it’s doors  last week  at the impressive venue Wuxi Bund art Centre. My work showing...

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Taking on the Overwhelm – Ecoliteracy in the Arts

  Purls from the Undercut  GIF   sucrose series Niamh Cunningham 2020                  “What is the pattern that connects?” Exploring the cultural dimensions of sustainability is a vast subject. Recently have I been introduced to the work of systems thinker the late Gregory...

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June – Tree Climber

       “The Memory Palace of Trees’ project  has some wind in its sails with this week’s story. Delighted to have forest expert Anna Finke reveal her quirky side.   The world sometimes seems full of chains holding you down. Obligations, goals, commitments, even dreams – sometimes life...

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Week 21 Ligustrum Leaves

Yellow Brick Road -sucrose series -mixed media diam 30cm Niamh Cunningham 2020 image 17.1.2020 For this week’s tree story I’m very pleased to have a contribution from environmental photographer and writer Kyle Obermann based in Chengdu. He has been working with corporate partners since 2014 to promote and support...

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Week 20 Blued Trees Symphony

Delighted to be in contact with environmental artist Aviva Rahmani for this weeks tree story .   Here are a few words about her Blued Trees Symphony project.   In June 2016 Reynolds Hills outskirts of New York teams of neighbours and children equipped with buckets of non toxic caesin...

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Week 19 The Jackson Oak – the tree that owns itself

This weeks story comes all the way from  Athens Georgia US.  There is a white Oak tree according to legend has legal ownership  of itself and the land within eight feet (2.4m) of it’s base.  In the early 1800’s,  Colonel William H. Jackson,  a professor at University of Georgia...

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Week 18 Ginkgo – Solitary and Unique

For this week’s Tree Story /Tree facts I am delighted to be in contact with senior research scientist Prof Peter Crane, Dean of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (2009-2016),  director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, (UK) one of the largest botanical gardens in the world...

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Week 17 The Beech Tree and the Accidental Academic

Second Beech- Mayfield ,sucrose series Niamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲 2019 This weeks tree story is a personal one and perhaps a bit unusual. People often plant trees to remember a loved one who has passed but this story is about chopping down a tree (which had already died many years...

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