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November- Dances with Trees

Delighted to feature a tree dance story this month. I met Zhang Yi a month ago at a contact improv performance and was thrilled when she agreed to come to my favourite woods to help make a video.  Special thanks also to Robert Harvey and Ciorras for permission to...

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October – Kampong Coconuts

This month’s story comes from my old friend Trebas.  We used to be neighbours over 15 years ago when living in Dubai. I match a painting of a wadi in the emirate of Fujairah from those days living in the UAE with her evocative childhood memories of her grandfather’s...

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The Pattern that Connects

What an unusual opportunity to be able to show work at this time. ‘The Pattern that Connects ‘ is a duo exhibition with woodcut artist Ma Liangfen from Cangzhou academy of Painting , Hebei. The exhibition opened (26/9/2020) at Dong Yue Art Musuem in Chaoyangmenwai .      Thank...

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September _ Kosima’s corkscrew willow

Willow- Sucrose series (11.8) UV print on Aluminium 120x160cm Niamh Cunningham 2020  (This artwork is currently exhibited at The Pattern that Connects at Dong Yue art Museum BJ  until Oct 3 2020) My friend Kosima is a Mother Earth kind of gal. She is a fountain of knowledge on matters ranging...

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Your Invitation to ‘Shared Destiny – The Pattern that Connects

      You are cordially invited to the opening of  ” Shared Destiny -The Pattern that Connects ” a duo exhibition with woodcut artist Ma Liangfen and myself ….. focussing on nature and our relationship with it . …..opens on Saturday 3.30 at Dong Yue Art Museum Beijing...

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Resilience Thinking – building a safe living space for humanity

  Resilience is the capacity to be able to deal with change, to live with change, to make use of change , not just incremental change but also sudden shocks and crises and develop the ability to turn those crises into opportunities. When we acknowledge we are in the...

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August – The Hawthorne Tree

I am delighted to receive Joshua’s story on a Hawthorne tree for the August tree story .  Piyo’s view  acrylic on canvas 50 x 60 cm   A seven year-old named White Horse once found a tree painted on smooth stone by a cave on a mountain called Rooster...

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July – Emoji Trees

Early Evening Yunnan oil on canvas 2014 50 x 150 cm Niamh Cunningham 2014 Very grateful to Sofia Ballon for this month’s tree story of a strange tree that seemed to be reappearing on her travels in Peru. ************************* In 2015 I went on a trip to the north-central...

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Sucrose Series -currently showing at Wuxi Bund Art Centre

Pond Poplars   池边白杨11.02.20 sucrose series Niamh Cunningham 2020 I am very pleased to be exhibiting some of my work in a physical space for the first time in the year 2020. Silent Explosion opened it’s doors  last week  at the impressive venue Wuxi Bund art Centre. My work showing...

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