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#3 Trees are like Humans – Memory Palace of Trees

This is # 3 of the Memory Palace of Trees stories on video , many thanks to educator Jenny Hong for her tree story .   “Just like us !”       Trees are like Humans, They grow differently according to different places and different climate. When every...

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#2 Pomengranate Tree – Memory Palace of Trees

Our second video story comes from the village of the Ming Tombs , a big thank you to Han Chao  for his tree story .        Hello everyone, I’m Han Chao . This is the tree story I want to share. This is a pomegranate tree, in...

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#1 Empty Tendrils- Memory Palace of Trees

This is the first tree story on video for the 'Memory Palace of Trees'

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树之记忆宫殿-视频 邀请函:分享树的故事

欢迎来到树之记忆宫殿,在这里你可以分享自己关于树的故事。 过去这一年是艰难的一年,我们中许多人都重新衡量了我们自身与自然的关系,无论是作为个人还是作为全球化社会的一部分。 在新冠大流行期间,我向世界各地的人们收集树木的故事,其中有诗人、画家、森林学家、树木学家、艺术家、儿童作家和其他各种各样的人。 你可以在 “树之记忆宫殿2020” 阅读这些故事。       如果你愿意分享一个关于树的故事,我很高兴把它加入到树之记忆宫殿2021中。我可以给你的视频加上中文字幕。 如果你的故事之后被选中参加展览或做成装置,我会联系并告诉你相关消息。 花一些时间想一想你想说什么,找到一棵好的树坐下来,把你的故事讲给我们听。不过还想提醒你一下,视频时长不超过60秒,这个时间非常短!   可以直接在这个平台上联系我,也可以在网站最后一页查询页面(ENQUIRE)上联系我。   我可以帮忙编辑并添加英文或中文字幕。请确保您的录音音质清晰。如果对此有任何问题,尽管提问。    

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Memory Palace of Trees -the videos……. a call for your tree story

Memory Palace of Trees - the video tree stories , this is an open call for your tree story

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Happy International Women’s Day

  Bachmann Girl 巴赫曼姑娘, Acrylic on canvas 布面丙烯, 100 x 100 cm Niamh Cunningham/瑞莲,2017

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Memory Palace of Trees – an overview

  Web of fabulous grass, sucrose series, Niamh Cunningham 2018  Memory Palace of Trees: In October 2019  after reading the Pulitzer prize winning book ‘The OverStory’ by Richard Powers I started my plans for the socio-eco art practice ‘The Memory Palace of Trees’. It began in January 2020 at...

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December – Ant Forest – pushing back the desert

Note: Slash Pine is one of the many species you can choose as your real life tree   We have a special tree feature for  December Memory Palace of Trees ! We talk with Iris Ye who is a user of a green initiative embedded in the Alipay App....

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