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Week 13 Trees can communicate

Barrow Trance  130x 160cm Niamh Cunningham你芙瑞莲2020     “We found that trees could communicate, over the air and through their roots. Common sense hooted us down. We found that trees take care of each other. Collective science dismissed the idea. Outsiders discovered how seeds remember the seasons of their childhood...

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Week 12 Park Tree

  The Tree Story for week 12 features a poem my friend Prof Fu Hao . Keep Well , Keep Safe , Keep Happy . A TREE IN THE PARK   Tree in the park, what are you waiting for?   We don’t know when you were transplanted here...

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Week 11 Of Bamboo and Birds

  Yunnan Bamboo Oil on Canvas150x115cm Niamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲 2014 Yesterday, I saw a dramatic display of  mandarin ducks in flight. Many  Mandarin Ducks choose to spend winter in Beijing,  some  perch in nests near  the staff residential area for the Environmental Protection and Greening Bureau.      On...

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Week 10 Frozen Fruit

  ‘My tree story comes from childhood memories in my hometown in Inner Mongolia. Back then there were relatively few winter fruits. The happiest times were when my young friends and I would feast on sea- buckthorn berries which had been frozen in the snow.’ If sea buckthorn berries...

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Week 9 ‘Of Trees and Me’ by Pat Ingoldsby

I am thrilled to have permission to post this poem by Irish poet Pat Ingoldsby . It follows the theme from week 8 . OF TREES AND ME Leaning against a fragrant brown telegraph pole, waiting for my bus, breathing in the rich aroma of creosote which was leaking...

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Week 8 The tree in your backyard

“You and the tree in your backyard come from a common ancestor. A billion and a half years ago, the two of you parted ways. But even now, after an immense journey in separate directions, that tree and you still share a quarter of your genes. . . .”...

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Week 7 The ancient ginkgo of Wuhan No 5 Hospital

This week’s  tree story comes from a city whose people are in our hearts and on our minds .         This story comes from someone who often visits Wuhan. ‘When I am in Wuhan I frequently visit friends in Hanyang near St Columban’s Cathedral, a short...

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