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Recent events


Currently showing (Dec 2023)  Forest Breath Paintings at Xishuangbanna State Museum in Jinghong 

Rhythm of Life Art Residency September 14-28th 2023, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Recently returned from an amazing time in Xishuangbanna, exploring eco diversity , learning more about Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Gardens (XTBG) and even made a collaborative video with other artists in the rainforest  .

Also included here is a section on  “What the artist says”. This blog is a little longer than usual . 

Rhythm of Life artist residency  2023 blog 


See the blogs from my visit two years ago . 

Rhythm of Life 2021 blog

Forest Breath Artworks made during residency 2021 blog 



Memory Palace of Tree Stories at Carlow Garden Festival July/Aug 2023

Thrilled to be working with the Carlow Garden Festival where videographer  Patrick Bramley was on site recording visitors’ Tree Stories at the various venue talks. 

This event is supported by Carlow County Council and  Carlow Creative Ireland Programme. A huge thank you also to the participating venues above and also a special thank you to Carlow Tourism for support. The Garden Festival Tree Story videos will be uploaded on the website in October
To see the videos gathered so far please click on the link 


Ambassadors for Nature 

Huge thank you to the Embassy of Ireland for the opportunity to present my socio eco art practice “The Memory Palace of Tree Stories”  at the recent “Ambassadors for Nature” event .


Currently Showing


Fireflies in the Heart Exhibition  

 July 28-Oct 15 2023, Changzhou, Liyang, Meijie Resort exhibiting  a selection of videos from the Memory Palace of Tree Stories. 

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Portraits at EBM Centre

Portraits for Patient Centred Care at the EBM centre , Intelligent Health Care Building , Tsinghua University

Link to see installation


Link for previous portrait installations 


Memory Palace of Tree Stories 

The Memory Palace of Tree Stories is a socio- eco- art practice which now has a specially designated website thanks to public funding by Carlow County Council and Creative Ireland Carlow programme.

Click here to view home page 

We currently have over forty one minute  Tree stories on video .

 Click here to view the Tree Stories on Video 



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     Sucrose Series

Is the crystalisation pushing the ink or is the ink pushing the crystalisation ?

Either way the painting process continues after the creation event  


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Link 2 Sucroses at Wuxi 

Link 3 Sucrose Series Discoveries