Niamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲

Artist in China 艺术家

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Beautiful Weihai – Her Name.Existence

Her Name - Existence group exhibitiion Weihai July - Oct 2021

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Working with DNA as an art material -Hair Lock and Hair Skull showing in ‘ Linear’ at LangKong, 798 -July2021

      Hair Skull,artists hair, Niamh Cunningham 瑞莲 2013 The exhibition Linear is currently showing at LangKong art Museum(朗空美术馆)   in 798 (situated 3 doors away  from Red Gate gallery ) The Hair Skull has not been exhibited in 798 since 2013 so if you are in 798 please...

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New Interpretations of Art and Heritage -Suzhou Classical Gardens

Winding Wall  – Sucrose Series Niamh Cunningham 2021    “Silent and Soft – It moistens everything -New Deconstruction of Art and Heritage”  This current exhibition held at the Couples Garden Retreat  which is one of the nine World Heritage Gardens in Suzhou Classical Gardens .        ...

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All Things Bright – June 10th

 On Thursday the exhibition “All things Bright- The Beauty of Biodiversity ” a global sustainable Art Initiative was held in the Shangrila Hotel hosted by Golden Bee.  It ran parallel to the International CSR symposium. The Sucrose Series is a mixed media series which focusses on carefully selected nature...

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The Second Step- portraits have a Summer in Hou Hai

The Second Step is a collection of eighteen of my portraits showing at JoyBeans Space in Jiu Longtou Hutong .  I am delighted to have the portraits reach new audiences in this hutong space  near the lakes of Hou Hai.     There are  portraits downstairs and upstairs.    Thank...

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WaterCity showing at Kun Art Museum , Solana

  Astro World – Exit Plan opened Saturday at Kun Art Museum , Solana Mall last Saturday June 5th . This diverse exhibition was curated by artist Curator Doug Lewis whom I have known a number of years. He has been a teacher at the Canadian International School for...

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What is Microbe Art?

Living Roots Awaken in my Hands found dust on Luria -Bertani I like to explore the relationship between art, science and society. My work is focused on transformation and the surrounding ‘entanglements’ that constitute life and our ecosystems. I view Microbe Art as a  transformation that reflects bigger concerns...

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ART BEIJING 2021 Irish “Garden of Friendship” exhibition April 30 -May 3

  Welcome to ‘The Garden of Friendship’ at Art Beijing 2021, a compelling exhibition by Irish contemporary artists. Much has happened since Irish artist Maurice Quillinan organized the first ‘Youyi Visual’ event in Hangzhou in 2019. At this unique moment, ‘The Garden of Friendship’ offers new perspectives on connections and elicits from...

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#4 Old Ash – a real survivor- Memory Palace of Trees

 For this video we find ourselves in a lush green field in Ireland .      This tree story comes from artist Gillian Cussen in county Cork, Ireland.   Hello My name is Gillian Cussen and I am in county Cork Ireland And it’s a grey and a green...

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