Memory Palace of Trees -the videos……. a call for your tree story


Welcome to the Memory Palace of Trees, a place where you can share your tree story.

It has been a tough year and many of us have remeasured our relationship with nature, both as individuals and as a global society .

Throughout the pandemic I have collected tree stories from people all over the world, including poets , painters , a  forester, a  dendrologist , artists, a children’s writer  and all kinds of other people .

 You can see  last years collection of stories in Memory Palace of Trees 2020 here .

This year the tree stories are in the form of a one minute video.


If you have a tree story to share I would love to add it to the Memory Palace of Trees 2021.  I can add Chinese/English  subtitles to your video.

If your tree story is later selected for future exhibitions or installations I will contact you to let you know.

Take some time to think about what you want to say , find a good tree to sit under and share your story.  Just to let you know under 60 seconds is a very short time!

I can be contacted directly on this platform or on the last page the enquiry page on my website.


Really looking forward to hearing from you .  Please ask if you have any questions about this. 


Memory Palace of Trees is a socio -ecological art practice which invites your participating to tell a story (or give some kind of information) about Trees. It is a social enquiry of how to live better with the planet and with people and other living beings. You are cordially invited to tell me your story of a tree or trees.  I would love to hear from you .