New Interpretations of Art and Heritage -Suzhou Classical Gardens

Winding Wall  – Sucrose Series Niamh Cunningham 2021 


“Silent and Soft – It moistens everything -New Deconstruction of Art and Heritage” 

This current exhibition held at the Couples Garden Retreat  which is one of the nine World Heritage Gardens in Suzhou Classical Gardens .






The exhibits involve sculpture, painting, calligraphy, photography, video and installation. These works of art use contemporary art language and garden heritage dialogue, in the deep courtyard of classical gardens, “moisten things silently” into the garden, into the world cultural heritage.


A special thank you to curator Rong Chen, and all the Suzhou team involved.

Thank you also to artist friend 朱志刚 Zhu ZhiGang  

For a long time, I have been fascinated by the complicated and often disorienting landscapes of Chinese gardens. In these highly regarded gardens, scholars borrow from the Confucian geometric order, the Taoist search for an elixir (which is closer to the natural world than Confucian ceremonial). Gardens can also assist in meditation, as in Buddhism. The picture extends in an uncanny way in time and space, revealing long-ago insights into the natural world.


Participating artists: 

DIRD / Cai Dongdong / Chen Rong / Chen Naiqian / Cong Yunfeng / Donal Turner / Dai Jiafeng / Ding She / Fang Minyao / Guo Kewei / Hang Tianyi / Liu Changming / Liang Yajie / Lu Junzhou / Luo Bonian / Ni Fu Ruilian / Qian Ruya / Rushi Humanity Space / Sun Cunming / Tang Huawei / Tong Yan Runan / Wang Dameng / Cao Yonghua / Wang Qingsong / Wang Yabin / Wumen Aesthetic Art Institute / Wu Mengyuan / Yang Lidan / Zhu Xinyi / Naga Art Studio / Zhao Rongjun / Zhu Zhigang



The UNESCO World Heritage Training and Research Center in the Asia-Pacific Region (WHITRAP) is UNESCO’s Category 2 International Institution (Category 2 Centre), the first professional institution in the field of heritage protection established in a developing country. It serves the signatory countries of the World Heritage Convention in the Asia-Pacific region and other UNESCO member states, and is committed to the protection and development of world heritage sites in the Asia-Pacific region. The UNESCO World Heritage Training and Research Center in the Asia-Pacific Region is composed of three centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou. Suzhou Center (contracted by the Suzhou Municipal Government) is mainly responsible for traditional building technology and restoration, analysis of protection materials, and restoration and maintenance of historic gardens.




Silent and soft, it moistens everything

New Interpretation of Art and Heritage

2021.6.12 — 7.11

开幕时间:6.12 下午1:00-2:30

分享时间:6.12 下午2:30-3:30




主办单位 Organizer:


The World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO(Suzhou)



Suzhou Association for the Promotion of International Cultural

Exchanges, Suzhou Gardens Committee



Suzhou Wumen Institute of Art and Research


承办单位 Undertaker:


Management Office of the Couple’s Garden Retreat


支持单位 Support unit:


Moca Westlake


Bonian Luo Art Foundation


Rushi Cultural Space



To view all the participating artworks in this project  the below links can be autotranslated into English


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