Delighted to speak about the Memory Palace of Tree Stories at the Embassy of Ireland in Beijing  recently July 28th  for the event Ambassadors for Nature. Over twenty embassies were present , many  spoke about on what improvements were made  to increase biodiversity of the green spaces on embassy grounds.

The event was hosted by Ambassador to Ireland  Dr Ann Derwin and introduced by  conservationist Terry Townshend . There were other  interesting presentations from  Beijing forest  & parks Bureau Dr Wang Xiaoping Deputy Director conservation groupsand educational projects .

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Public Funding Awarded to Memory Palace of Tree Stories


Delighted to announce that my socio eco art practiceThe Memory Palace of Tree Stories”  has been awarded public funding via Carlow County Council and  the Creative Ireland Carlow Programme .  This support has helped me build a specially designated  website for the gathering of peoples tree stories on video. 


Click here for Tree Stories on Video              

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#15 Once I Counted Birds



Very pleased to have a video from Ireland’s leading figure on The Earth Charter, Dr Cathy Fitzgearld. I have known Cathy for many years , and I have taken a number of her courses with Haumea Ecoversity such at Eco Literacy for Creatives and Cultural  Professionals and most recently on  the Earth Charter .

Cathy made this video in 2009 . Originally from Aotearoa , New Zealand, she was part of  a biodiversity research trip to unpeopled  Suwarrow atoll in the  Cook Islands,  South Pacific. Cathy is currently based in County Carlow, Ireland where she and her husband Martin have since 2008 , been diversifying a small conifer plantation forest on their land to become a mixed species, more resilient, more bird-song-filled small continuous cover forest (

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#13 Winter Apples



For video #13 I am delighted to have award winning writer John Mac Kenna read his poem Winter Apples, for the special season. 

John is author of twenty three books and a number of radio and stage plays including his award winning radio documentary series on Leonard Cohen.

John is based near my hometown of Carlow, Ireland . 

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森林的呼吸 -视频#10-记忆宫殿树的故事


森林的呼吸 -视频#10

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森林的呼吸 -视频#10

我第一次接触到“森林的呼吸”这个概念是在读戴维·哈斯凯尔的书《树木之歌》(Songs of Trees)的时候。他谈到福尔摩沙松(Formosa Pine),我觉得“空气是4亿年来森林的呼吸”是一个绝妙的见解。





“树之记忆宫殿” 是一个关注社会与生态环境的艺术实践,这个项目邀请大家通过讲述一个关于树的故事(或者提供与树有关的信息)参与其中。





视频 #1 空卷须 -Yvette Stride

视频 #2 棵石榴树 韩超

视频 #3 – 树就像人类 Jenny Hong

视频 #4 – 老梣树 吉莉安·库森

视频 #5 – 树和生命的年轮汪立耕

视频 #6 – 一个很怪诞的精灵朱景华

视频 #7 老海棠树胡新宇

视频#8 屹立不倒 -约瑟夫·斯图尔特

视频#9 – 好心情树歌- 南

视频#10 –   森林的呼吸


“记忆宫殿树的故事” 是一个关注社会与生态环境的艺术实践,这个项目邀请大家通过讲述一个关于树的故事(或者提供与树有关的信息)参与其中。这也是一个通过分享故事探索如何与地球与他人和谐相处的社会调查。欢迎分享你的与树有关的故事,找到你喜欢的树,在树下拍一条不到60秒的视频讲述你的故事,请确保声音清楚,我可以帮忙编辑和添加字幕。期待你的参与!







“记忆宫殿树的故事 2020″



银杏宫殿   蔗糖系列  83 x 120 cm   铝上印画   Niamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲2020  (第15周)

第二棵山毛榉   Niamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲  2020 (树之记忆宫殿第17周)

(蔗糖系列)  在铝合金上进行UV打印 ,120 x 160cm,  瑞莲2020 


十二月——蚂蚁森林 十二月 27, 2020 

十一月——与树共舞   十一月 22, 2020 

十月——甘榜椰子树. 十月 26, 2020

九月——科希玛的龙爪柳 十月 2, 2020

八月——山楂树  八月 16, 2020

七月——塔拉波托的表情树 七月 30, 2020

六月-- 爬树的人   六月 5, 2020

第二十一周 山指甲叶  五月 25 , 2020 

第二十周 蓝树交响曲    五月 19, 2020

第十九周 -有自己合法所有权的树 五月 11, 2020 
第十八周 从恐龙时代存活至今的银杏树五月3,2020

第十七周 山毛榉树和偶然成为的学者月27,2020

第十六周 落雁森林  四月 22, 2020

第十五周 康复之源  四月 13, 2020

第十四周 高原精灵与森林走廊  四月 6, 2020

第十三周 树可以交流  三月 30, 2020

第事儿周 公园里的树 三月 25, 2020

第十一周 鸟和竹  三月 8. 2020 

第十周  冻果子 三月 8. 2020 

第九周 《树和我二月 19, 2020

第八周 你院子里的树 二月 23, 2020

第七周 武汉市第五医院里的古老银杏树 二月 19, 2020

第六周 走路去上班      二月 14, 2020

第五周 能治头疼的树    二月 14, 2020

第四周 伸展出的安全    二月 14, 2020

第三周 国王长着驴耳朵  一月 20, 2020

第二周 为何树在低语——儿童故事  一月 12, 2020

   记忆宫殿树的故事 –概述


栗树公园树 蔗糖系列 最初的蔗糖作品 50 x 50 cm Niamh Cunningham倪芙瑞莲 2020 (12)






树歌  济南  蔗糖系列  Niamh Cunningham 2020


东小口的瓢虫 (640秒) 视频  Niamh Cunningham  倪芙瑞莲  2020  舞者:张毅  音乐: Ciorras 



#10 Forest Breath – Tree Story


Forest Breath Video #10


I first encountered  the “Forest Breath” concept when reading David Haskell’s book  “Songs of Trees”. He was discussing the Formosa Pine  and I thought it a fascinating perception that “air is 400 millions years of forest breath”.

You might  wonder  how many times is it possible for  an oxygen  atom  to be recycled  after numerous binding and cleaving,  before it gets ” too old” or if even  there is such a thing as an atom getting old? 

Nevertheless , these basic atoms pass in and out of different life forms  as life evolved on earth. Where will the balance  of this  gas exchange lie  as the globes forests continue to be decimated at break neck speed . 


Open Call for your tree story on video

Memory Palace of Trees is socio- ecological art practice which invites your participation to tell a story (or give some kind of information) about trees. It is a social enquiry of how to live better with the planet and with people by sharing tree stories.

Memory Palace of Trees will continue throughout 2022. The submissions are video format. If you have a story you can tell in less than a minute , please find your favorite tree and video yourself on your phone telling the story. I can help with adding the English or Chinese subtitles. Please ensure the sound quality of your recording is clear as possible . If you have any questions about this please ask . Also, If you are in Beijing I can meet up with you and assist in the filming .

Looking forward to hearing from you.I can be contacted directly on this platform.


Video 1Empty Tendrils by Yvette Stride

Video 2Pomegranate Tree by Han Chao

Video 3Trees are Like Humans by Jenny Hong

Video 4Old Ash A real survivor by Gillian Cussen

Video 5Tree Rings of Life by Wang Ligeng

Video 6A very Weird Elf by Zhu Jinghua

Video 7Old Crabapple of Wenhua Dian by Matthew Hu

Video 8:   Standing Fast by Joseph Stewart 

Video 9:  Feeling Good  – Tree Song  by Nam


I am currently gathering tree stories in the format of one minute videos.  In  January 2020 I collected stories in written format .

Most of these are personal stories.  Submissions came from a range of different people in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia including a children’s writer, poets, dendrologists, artists, a dancer, a forester, an ant forest app user, photographers, academics and more. 

See further down this page for these links. 

Gingko Palace  Sucrose Series 83 x 120 cm print on Aluminium  Niamh Cunningham 2020 (week 15)


The Second Beech  Niamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲2020 (week 17 of the Memory Palace of Trees)

Throughout 2020 different peoples tree stories were gathered from various people writers , artists, foresters , poets, and other people .

Ice Willow , Sucrose 8.7.2020 Print on Aluminium , Niamh Cunningham -Kosimas Willow Story 

Memory Palace of Tree Stories began in January 2020. Throughout 2020 different peoples tree stories were gathered from various people writers , artists, foresters , poets, and other people .

Chestnut – Park Tree Sucrose Series original Sucrose 50 x 50 cm  Niamh Cunningham 2020 (week 12)


Open Call for your tree story on video 

Memory Palace of Trees will continue in 2022. This year the submissions will be in video format. If you have a story you can tell in less than a minute (less than 60 seconds), please  find your favorite tree sit under it and video yourself  on your phone telling the story. I can help with the editing and add the English or Chinese subtitles.  Please ensure the sound quality of your recording is clear.  If you are in Beijing I can come and video you if you wish. Please ask if you have any questions about this. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Please email me at



Jinan Tree Song  Sucrose Series, print on aluminium 158 x 120cm  Niamh Cunningham 2020


Here is a one minute video clip  for the November  2020 tree story . 

Ladybird of DongXiaokou (6 min 40 secs) video Niamh Cunningham 2020   Dancer: Zhang Yi , Music Credit: Ciorras 


Overview of Memory Palace of Tree Stories


屹立不倒,视频# 8,记忆宫殿树的故事


click here for English 













树之记忆宫殿” 是一个关注社会与生态环境的艺术实践,这个项目邀请大家通过讲述一个关于树的故事(或者提供与树有关的信息)参与其中。




记忆宫殿树的故事 –概述