China Ireland exhibition in Shanghai : ‘What the Artists say ‘

After the artist presentations on Nov 30th: With artists Magic Ma , Niamh Cunningham, organiser Wen Xu, artist Wang ShaoShuai, and curator LuLu

This is an overview of the recent exhibition in Shanghai. Participating artists for the exhibition include :

Audrey Mullins, Daniel Hickey, Fion Gunn, Stephen Lawlor, Magic Ma, Wang Shaoshuai , Click Click Design and Niamh Cunningham

Audrey Mullins: What the artist says

These abstracted landscapes might also be perceived as un-deciphered languages scattered on weathered surfaces.  The delicate layering of surfaces suggest both complexity and fragility . These unconcluded narratives are my response to human history.

artworks by Audrey Mullins with Therese Healy and guest
Audrey Mullins : Possibilities, 27 cm diam mixed media
Audrey Mullins : Rotation2 17 cm diam , Mixed media


Daniel Hickey : What the artist says

My work is a personal reflection into the power and influence of Irish Mythology, stories and songs. Since I started to work in Beijing this has been especially relevant when making links with Chinese mythology and how people contemplate a shared mysticism in through the medium of storytelling and mythology.

Daniel Hickey , Bas A Laoich , relief print , 52x 79 cm
Daniel Hickey , Wake II , relief print 52 x 78cm


Fion Gunn: What the artist says

Situating narratives in the arc of human history , I am fascinated with the story of humanity, the movement of peoples, paths chosen, dilemmas, joys and tragedies which all humans share.

A visitor views Fion Gunn’s work
Fion Gunn: A Child’s view of Babel, 76 x 57 cm mixed media on handmade paper
Fion Gunn Dreams of City Dwellers 76 x 57cm , mixed media , collage on handmade paper


Stephen Lawlor : What the artist says
My characters all come from the past. Either they have lived and died or were creations for film, stage drama. There is a lingering nostalgia that clings to them as they float in the darkness of inky space. They are remnants, exiles or echoes of once powerful personae. There are multiple themes really and death, memory and iconic stature are among them.

Etchings by Stephen Lawlor
Stephen Lawlor: And England’s Dreaming 40x 32 cm Etching
Stephen Lawlor Active Shooter 30x30cm Etching


Magic Ma : What the artist says

The same sculpture of traditional Chinese calligraphy can be viewed from 3 different perspectives.  It is a perfect fusion of modeling and printing technology. Words such as life and death , love and hate, heaven and earth are opposed but are all one.

Magic Ma: 3 D calligrapy
Ma Jin during his artist presentation with a small silver 3D sculpture
Finding the character in the shadows of Ma jin’s sculpture

Ma Jin’s 3D characters


Wang Shaoshuai

“Red Ball Project” is an experimental art project which aims to lead viewers to return to their origins through various interpretations of red ball elements and to experience the beauty of this world from the purest perspective. Red represents life, vitality, and hope. Balloons are childhood memories for many people while also carrying the symbol of wonder and beauty in daily life. I hope that the perceived interpretation will bring new visual response and cognition to viewers and awaken beauty and hope.

Wang ShaoShuai installation (detail)
Wang ShaoShuai artist presentation on Saturday Nov 30th.


Click Click Design

In the “Polar Flow” series of works, with the help of the reaction-diffusion principle, we used mathematical equations to simulate the interaction between two things with specific characteristics and the process of generating changing patterns.  Thus we are  exploring the spectacle that exists at the borderline of chaos and order, which is also a flowing splash-ink landscape painting.

Click Click Design Polar Flow 1
Click Click Design Polar Flow 2

Niamh Cunningham

Transformation is a theme which has seeped into different series of my work. Contemplating life beneath the surface and the changing states of material also affects the reading of my portraits.

Niamh Cunningham : Portraits at Museu&m Shanghai
Portraits by Niamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲的肖像画
Water City – Huiyuan with portraits in background by Niamh Cunningham
With Ma Jin, WangShaoshuai and Curator Lulu

Sincere thanks to Shanghai International Culture Association, Creative Culture Innovation Europe , and the Irish Consulate in Shanghai .