#3 Trees are like Humans – Memory Palace of Trees


This is # 3 of the Memory Palace of Trees stories on video , many thanks to educator Jenny Hong for her tree story .


“Just like us !”




Trees are like Humans,

They grow differently according to different places and different climate.

When every spring comes ,it doesn’t matter if there is Covid 19 or not ,

they all put on their new leaves and flowers as well.

I especially like this kind of old tree, very old, like this one ,

I assume is over 100 years old.

And also those trees that are growing against the wall

outside Lama temple , they never complain.

They never push away anyone who seeks for shelter.

Just like our family, no matter how weary you are, how upset you are,

They always welcome you home warmly with their open arms.

So, all the trees have got their character too,

Just like us!



Open Call for your tree story on video 

Memory Palace of Trees is socio- ecological art practice which invites your participation to tell a story (or give some kind of information) about trees. It is a social enquiry of how to live better with the planet and with people by sharing tree stories. 

Memory Palace of Trees will continue in 2021. This year the submissions are in the form of video. If you have a story you can tell in less than a minute (under 60 seconds), please find your favorite tree and video yourself on your phone telling the story. I can help with adding the English or Chinese subtitles.  Please ensure the sound quality of your recording is as clear as possible. If you have any questions please ask. 

Really looking forward to hearing from you. 

I can be contacted on the last page “Enquire” or directly on this platform.