Leafy with Love & Green Waters of the Canal -showing at 9th Floor Art Museum , Songzhuang

Two of my sucrose works are currently showing in Songzhuang, Beijing .

9th Floor Art museum , Songzhuang.
Green waters of the Canal, sucrose and mixed media, Niamh Cunningham瑞莲 2018

More than 40 artists from the Beijing area participated in “A piece of Cotton Paper” curated by Chang Feng, special thanks also to Ms Yang Yang owner of this beautiful venue . Exhibition continues till July 15th .

Leafy with Love , sucrose and mixed media on cotton, Niamh Cunningham瑞莲 2018

Last years sucroses mostly focussed on scenes around Beijing , titles are taken from my favourite nature poet Patrick Kavanagh . 


A piece of Cotton Paper , Ninth Floor Museum , SongZhuang . Here is a link to further works in this exhibition

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participating artists
participating artists