Gobi Heaven – The Walkabout Photos

Double Rainbow after the Gobi Hail storm

This is the second blog on the Gobi Heaven Art Festival which took place August 6-11th 2019 .

Gobi Skies – walkabout

The days were often very hot , but some days were graced with cloud cover and interesting skies.


Matt Watterson , Times Passed

Liu Ruohang/ 刘若望
吴梁焰/Wu Lian Yan
楚门。王井 / WangJing
Li Jian Zhang/李建zhang青春记忆 memory of youth

Li Hongbo/李洪波
Liu Ruowang/ 刘若望
Wu Hao/ 武豪
Wang Xiaolin/王晓琳
景晓雷/Jing Xiao Lei
Ren Hongwei/任宏伟


Main Stage, Gobi Heaven
Main Stage – Gobi Heaven Festival

The main stage hosted Rock and Metal music. A structure which looked entirely different at night time.


Gobi Girl: Dance off

One night we were half dancing to the music and this little girl came up to me and wanted a dance off! Well I just had to liven up a then. Everytime I did a shoulder shudder, she would answer with her own, if I made a train shuffle , she would do the same , a magic 10 minutes. Thank you Yan Yinghong for the video clips. I will try to upload a video .

Meanwhile back at the International art camp: There was one intense storm with strong winds which ripped through the grounds,  afterwards  some repairs were required using tape .

Repairs after the storm
Getting up to see the last Sunrise at Gobi

Many thanks to Jia Li who curated the Chinese artists exhibition hall for the lovely chat and helping me with the artist names for installations for this post , also thank you to artist Wang Jing for helping me with other names of artists . A big thank you to all the artists I have met on my walk around the festival grounds, it was an unforgettable experience.

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