Week 4 Branching out to Safety

Week 4 Shaded Star sucrose series Niamh Cunningham

Week 4 ‘Shaded Stardust’- Anli road’, sucrose series ,30cm diam, Niamh Cunningham倪芙瑞莲2019


Why do traffic police like trees?

Urban Planners choose to plant trees on city streets for many reasons , it may be for the shade they provide in Summer or  those mysterious  positive vibes that accompany natural living things  (I will explore more on that in future blogs) when plant and  natural life is brought to the streets. A  more pragmatic reason might be when trees planted along both sides of the road,  the road feel narrower and therefore drivers are less likely to speed and more likely to drive slower.

Trees slow down traffic!


Memory Palace of Trees is an ecological art practice which invites your participating to tell a story (or give some kind of information) about Trees. It is a social enquiry of how to live better with the planet and with people. You are cordially invited to tell me your story of a tree or trees. (email : niamh@niamhcunningham.com) I would love to hear from you . Each week throughout 2020 a story will be posted with either an artwork already made or perhaps your story will inspire me to make a new work!