Art for a sustainable future – exhibition

TreeSong Jinan Sucrose Series (3.7.) Niamh Cunningham 瑞莲2020

I believe the ecological crisis is a crisis of culture and art  (in all its forms) has an essential role in confronting the environmental emergency. It can be cross disciplinary, it can span the divides of science, agriculture, food culture, education , ethical consumerism, economics, film, music and so much more.

This week I was very happy to be part of the  exhibition “Art promotes a Sustainable Future” which coincided with the 13th China Corporate Social Responsibility Report International Symposium at the Taifu Hotel Beijing  2-3 rd December 2020.

Foggy Dew – Wu Hou Ci (8.6.)Sucrose Series Niamh Cunningham 瑞莲2020

The Sucrose Series began five years ago and explores transformation through crystalisation and drying of water content in the mixed media.  This transformation occurs on two levels. In the early stages ink is lifted from the surface with hot mixed media , particles of ink are  moving and shifting as the process of drying occurs and crystallization takes place. This layer could be the metaphor for our unique current era of the ecological emergency, being the first generation to witness climate change and the last generation to be capable of taking meaningful action.  The outer layer is a crust of opaque crenulation of crystal obliterating the original image.

Purls in the Undercut sucrose (4.6.) Niamh Cunningham 瑞莲 2020






Participating Artists include:

Jing Yumin 景育民

WangXiaokie 王小杰

Zhang Meng 张锰

Zheng Jing 郑靖

Liu Yue 刘悦

Niko de la Faye 尼可。德拉法耶

Eine Lem 艾娜。莱姆




Lv Zhiqiang  吕智强

Mica Kuehn 米卡。库恩

Niamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲




With CEO Zhuang at the CSR Symposium 



A big thank you to Mr Zhuang Creative CEO of Goldenbee  organiser for the symposium and  exhibition and also to Shiyan Wang of GoldenBee and artist Liu Yue  .

13th China Corporate Social Responsibility Report International Symposium
Art for a Sustainable Future