Tree Planter Workshop – FOR 觅 Gallery

Tree Planter Workshop简单中文

Saturday August 20th was a joy ! We had the first “Tree Planter workshop” for a range of young learners at For Gallery at Grasse Town, Tongzhou.

We discovered some information about the resilience of the Gingko leaf having withstood polluted air erupting  from volcanoes at the time of the dinosaurs, these trees are  now often a choice for town planners all over the world for city roads. We learned how it was propagated first in China over a thousand years ago then spread throughout Asia and the rest of the world .

Other origami leaves we made included the pear leaf and a double leaf.

Some young people were very adventurous and tried versions of their own design. The dead crabapple tree ( donated by the Beijing Forestry association ) was brought back to life with a variety of leaves.

The second part of the workshop “My Forest” was a collaborative construction of various kinds of trees , we learned how monoculture of the same tree type cannot support biodiversity of other plants and insects . “My Forest” was packed with various trees of all types with strange insects and surprising animals. We also looked at the idea that oxygen gets recycled again and again and the possibility of the air that we breathe is 4 million years of Forest Breath .



The energy of being in a room full of young people concentrating on their work was invigorating, the diversity of  paths they choose matched the diversity in the forest they made. Some children thought they had finished early and walked away but came back for another 20 minutes of work. There is a joy in being with people when they create new and unexpected things , when they discuss what they want to do and their decisions, whether they are young learners or seasoned professors , it always feels like a special moment.

Huge thanks to the organizers of this workshop

Little Maupassant Cup International Art Union

and gallerist Peng Chun Hui of FOR gallery



Because of this workshop,  in early October I will go to Changping to plant a number of trees , which I will document in a future blog .





A big thank you to my translators Wang Haoning (Summer) workshop 1 and my son Fionn Cunningham Clifford for workshop 2

Workshop 2 (August 27th ) was a delight with mostly very young learners yet still wonderfully talented





Previous workshop in 2019








《被困的明亮树枝》 蔗糖混合媒材,直径40cmNiamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲 2018

Click Here for English



《月亮之约》开幕式 20226



展览概况链接  《月亮之约》

 参展艺术家:   陈庆庆,秦秀娟, 吕美, 张戈, 倪芙瑞莲-Niamh

媒体链接 2


地球之柱-奥林匹克公园蔗糖系列 40 x 30cm Niamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲 2018 


元大都城墙遗址公,蔗糖系列 40 x 30cm Niamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲 2018 

迷雾露珠——武侯祠 蔗糖系列 100 x 50cm Niamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲 2018




版纳漩涡  Niamh Cunningham 倪芙·瑞莲 布面丙烯  120x100cm 2021

版纳林冠  Niamh Cunningham 倪芙·瑞莲 布面丙烯  100x120cm 2021







更多相关阅读请点击链接 摇钱树的传说



Moon Covenant – Summer exhibition in Tongzhou

‘Bright stick trapped’ sucrose mixed media, 40 cm diam Niamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲 2018

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A big thank you to artist/curator Mei Lu for inviting me to this five artist exhibition and also to gallerist Hui Peng Chun of For Mi Gallery and to fellow participating artists including Chen Qingqing, Xiujuan Qin, Mei Lu ,Ge Zhang.

It was a really pleasant afternoon connecting with people, old and new friends after a long spell of isolation.



Opening Reception  Moon Covenant June 2022


Link to the overview  with details of the five participating artists  Moon Covenant  Media Link 1

Chen QingQing, Xiujuan Qin, Mei Lu, Ge Zhang and Niamh 

Media Link 2  

Several of  the sucrose works are exhibited at this venue.

Pillars of the Earth OP , sucrose series mixed media oval 40 x 30cm Niamh Cunningham 2018

Yuan Dadu Relics Park canal , sucrose series mixed media oval 40 x 30cm Niamh Cunningham 2018

Foggy Dew- Wu Hou Ci.  (武侯祠)  sucrose series 100 x 50cm Niamh Cunningham 2021

The sucrose series explores loss and reclamation through process and materiality. It involves a sequence of multiple interventions and explores how the physical matter itself can continue to push the creation event. Some of the interventions include sewing, ‘burning off’ the digital image from the surface, adding colour and of course the crystalisation process of sugar. Once the artist has stopped working on ‘sugar painting’ the process of crystalisation may continue to transform and obliterate. The imagery itself is of nature and the environment in urban park areas for which the artist has a strong affinity. (These places include areas around Beijing such as Olympic Park where she lives next door to and Hou Hai where she used to train in dragon boat racing) Her paintings reflect the tensions we experience in lives which are shaped by the processes of transformation and obliteration .

Banna Vortex  Niamh Cunningham 倪芙。瑞莲 acrylic on canvas 100x120cm 2021

Banna Overstory Niamh Cunningham 倪芙。瑞莲 acrylic on canvas 100x120cm 2021

Apart from the Sucrose work there are also  two “Forest Breath” paintings on canvas which were made last year during an artist residency in Xishuangbana Yunnan. 

This exhibition is also the first time to show “Tree Planter” which is a socio eco practice aiming to inform the public and support local tree planting initiatives . The crab apple tree used here was donated by the Beijing Forestry Society in Changping and the “fruits” it yIelds over the Summer will be donated to their tree planting program.

Curator Mei Lu talking about “Tree Planter” to media.

Paper Makes Trees

This Crab Apple Tree was donated by Beijing Forestry Society, the “fruits” that it yields will be donated to tree planting programs.  The leaves are made from origami leaves and flowers made of one yuan bills.

Tree Planter uses a bank note that is decreasingly being used in circulation to raise awareness of our material world. All material matter has a physical permanance although some matter such as water can change its state for example  to ice or steam . Like water, physical cash also has transformative power and in this case the physicality of paper notes will be transformed into planting new saplings. .. paper is used to grow trees.

Read this link for ancient folklore on money trees.

Many thanks to the gallery  “For觅 “ in Grasse Town Tongzhou . The exhibition runs throughout the Summer for another two months. Please contact me if you would like to participate in the Tree Planter workshop. 


Sisterhood and Remembering Eva Gore-Booth (1870-1926) at the Embassy of Ireland in Beijing

Eva Gore-Booth exhibition at the Embassy of Ireland Beijing


Eva Gore- Booth was poet and playwright, suffragist, workers’ rights campaigner, social revolutionary, pacifist and lesser-known sister of Countess Constance Markievicz, born in Lissadell County Sligo 150 years ago.

Ambassador Dr Ann Derwin with guests on March 8th 2022

After Ambassador Dr Ann Derwin addressed the network event I was asked to speak about artworks on exhibition at the embassy and their relation to the story of Eva Gore-Booth. The artworks were originally part of a larger exhibition which took place at the Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI).

The exhibition was curated by the Hamilton Gallery , Sligo, Ireland .

A complete reference for the exhibition can be found on this link


Many thanks to Jiali Luo for translating the speech and poetry.

After the Storm by Angie Shanahan

Eva Gore Booth identified herself as Irish and Breffny was the medieval kingdom that stretched from her home Lissadell beach . 

Some lines from the poem “The little waves of Breffny”


The great waves of the Atlantic sweep storming on their way

Shining green and silver with the hidden herring shoal

But the little waves of Breffny have drenched my heart in spray

And the little waves of Breffny go stumbling through my soul.


She lived life in service to working women, she defended textile mill workers, barmaids, attendants in hotels, florists , women working as tub pullers outside the mines, gymnasts and circus performers , all whose jobs were threatened  either  because of alleged moral grounds or other reasons. 

She famously said “The laws of gravity apply to men and women alike”. Which brings us to the circus.

Little Evie’s Circus Dreams by Gillard Medbh

You can see Mebh Gillard’s  playful work  called “Little Evies Circus  Dreams” reminds me of  Eva Gore-Booth’s  work for circus performers. There are leopards , zebra and an acrobat. Eva Gore-Booth was an animal lover and also a strict vegetarian .


Pit Brow Lasses by Catherine Mac Conville

The work titled Pit Brow Lasses refers to when Eva Gore-Booth went to work as a tub puller at the mines to show that a woman could do this work.

Emma Stroude Bring Us On by Emma Stroude

Emma Stroude’s work shows factory workers in Manchester


Other works signal elements of the textile industry.

The Loom by Martha Quinn

Martha Quinn’s striking but simple  marble and gold  work titled  ‘Loom ‘ 

From Eva Gore-Booth’s poem The Weaver I can imagine the rhythms of work at the loom and also notions of time passing.

“I followed the slow plough for hours and hours

Minding through sun and shower the loom of life.”


Those gold lines upon the marble  also suggests imprisonment which her sister Constance experienced numerous times because of her nationalist activities.

Sex is an accident by Sue Morris

Staying with the textile industry Sue Morris embroidery called  ”Sex is an Accident “ hints at the mills and textile industry and calls for gender equality.


Other artworks focus on Eva Gore-Booth’s poetry

“All night I stumble through fields of light ” Sorcha O Farrell

The beautiful monochrome work by Sorca O Farrell matched with the exquisite line from the poem “the Dreamer “

“… all night I stumble through fields of light “.



Two Ladies   by Betty Brown shows the two sisters on horseback.

Two Ladies  by Betty Brown

Seeing the two sisters  with horses and also Roper in the background reminds me of a special incident in Manchester where all three women were defending the Barmaid issue 1908 before a local election. They were campaigning against Churchill who was against many working rights for women.

Eva Gore-Booth organized a striking coach with four white horses driven around Manchester two days before local election.  Markievicz  came  from Ireland to Manchester and was at the whip driving. After arriving  at a fixed point Gore Booth and Roper stood on top of  the coach roof to give a rousing speech on Clause 20 of the Licensing bill which threatened the work of  Barmaids. One anecdote was recorded at a meeting later, a man in the crowd shouted  “Can you cook a dinner Countess?” To which she answered “Certainly , can you ride a coach and four?”


Churchill was surprised to be defeated in that local election

Eva Gore-Booth also studied Greek and Latin and in the last three years of her life she translated the entire gospel of John. She reinterpreted the language used to pin point inaccuracies which guide toward patriarchal dominance and female exclusion in society.

Both Gore-Booth and Ester Roper worked hard in presenting Sappho’s work in a socially romantic context.

Life that is Love is God by Eileen Mac Donagh


In another work, a white marble work , the Greek words from the poet Sappho “Life that is Love is God”  The artist Eileen Mac Donagh says that the flesh coloured streak refers to EGB as as a woman passionate in all things.

Speaking at the International Women’s Day event





Recommended reading “Eva Gore Booth- An image of such politics” by Sonja Tiernan.


Blazing a Trail: Lives and Legacies of Irish Diaspora Women







Peoples’ Portraits for Patient Focussed Research


Very pleased to recently install 39 portraits in a working environment at the EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) Centre , School of Medicine at Tsinghua University, Beijing.,

Main Conference Room

Entrance to EBM Centre

Nurse Liu Yan’s Office

The portraits have been good companions in my studio over the years and reminders of different projects in China over the past decade. Some of the portraits are of artists , curators ,  students, friends and family.


A big thank you to the people working at EBM,  Nurse Yan Liu and Dr Liang for being so helpful and accommodating during installation.

A special thank you to Professor Daniel Porter Director of the EBM centre.


There will be a special reception for this installation after the Winter Olympics.  If you are interested in joining us please let me know. 





Link to previous document on Portrait Series 


Exhibition History


Since 2013 I have exhibited parts of the Portrait Series in more than twenty two exhibitions around China with a couple of exhibitions outside China.


2022  Peoples Portraits   The EBM Centre Tsinghua Intelligent Health Care Research Building Beijing 

2021 Her Name – Existence Peninsula Art Museum,   Weihai, Shandong, July

2021 The Second Step (mini solo) Joy Beans Space, Jiu Longtou hutong, BJ June

2020 The Pattern that Connects, duo show , Dong Yue Art Museum Beijing Oct

2019 China Ireland at MUSEu&m, Expo park , Shanghai, Nov

2019 Gobi Heaven Art Festival  Inner Mongolia, Aug

2019 Bloomsday  Irish Embassy in Beijing, June

2019 Carpe Diem Granary Art Centre,SiShui County, Shandong, May -June

2019 Beyond the Form of Art  Wick Art Centre , Budapest , Hungary, April-May

2019 Odyssey the Return Dong Yue Art Museum, BJ April

2018 Mortgaged Time Red Gate Gallery 798,Beijing, April                                                                                               

2017 International Visual Art Hunan Exhibition Mezzi Master, Changsha, Hunan, Dec

2017 Art:Gwangju:17 Gwangju art fair,South Korea, September

2016 The Painted ThreadJoy Pavillion, CBD , Beijing September

2016 Visual – Female Exhibition Dahua 1935 Xi’an

2016 International Representational and Abstract Art Jiujiang Jiangxi, January  

2015 Recombination and Gene Mutation– 1st International Biennial of Contemporary Art University of Inner Mongolia,Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, December

2015 Red and Green- International Female Art Exhibition Ningbo City Cultural Centre March -April

2014 An Eastward Calling  (solo) Dong Yue Art Museum, Beijing

2014 Convergence Irish Wave 2014  C3 Art Space 798                

2013 Women L’ eau Art Shanghai  M 50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai, March

2013 Baby Baby Irish Centre Shanghai, Central Plaza,


The milk coloured portraits of young students were first exhibited for an Irish Wave  Exhibition  in Shanghai in 2013. This group of portraits are called “Transparent Milk Series” which began in November 2012.

2015 Recombination and Gene Mutation– 1st International Biennial of Contemporary Art University of Inner Mongolia, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, December

2016 The Painted ThreadJoy Pavillion, CBD , Beijing September

2019 Carpe Diem Granary Art Centre,SiShui County, Shandong, May -June

2019 China Ireland at MUSEu&m, Expo park , Shanghai, November

2019 Odyssey the Return Dong Yue Art Museum, BJ April

2021 Her Name – Existence Peninsula Art Museum,   Weihai, Shandong, July





The Meeting of the Waters -The Hangzhou-Beijing Grand Canal

For decades, waterways have fascinated me. Nineteen years ago I began painting the Al Khor series in Dubai. When I arrived in Beijing eleven years ago I continued to paint these fluid conduits , the canals in Beijing are now part of parks and recreation areas offering places of rest and rejuvenation to residents of the city.

Canal Bank Walk – Yuan Dadu Relics park Beijing  180x200cm oil pigment rubbing Niamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲2021


Residency Studio space , 15th floor of Art Park , Tongzhou


In August 2021 I spent twelve days in neighbouring Tongzhou on a painting residency for the Grand Canal Project .

The Hangzhou Beijing Grand canal is the longest man made waterway in the world.  Originally built over 2,000 years ago, bringing grain from the south to the capital in the north , it reached its peak in the 13th century connecting five river basins including the Yellow river and the Yangtze.

Residency Studio space , 15th floor of Art Park , Tongzhou


During the residency I shared a large highrise studio space with  Prof Gao Xiang from Yunnan University. We worked quite intensively , allowing each other space and quiet until meal times where he shared many thoughts, insights and stories .


The two works I made for this project are quite different, Canal Bank Walk- Yuan Dadu Relics park  is oil pigment rubbing with cloth.  I allow myself two oil paintings every year until I have finished my supplies. This slow phasing out is a long sad goodbye in terms of my painting practice but it will be eventually replaced with acrylic , mixed media and new media.  

The Meeting of the Waters 180x200cm acrylic  Niamh Cunningham 倪芙瑞莲2021

The Meeting of the Waters is the view outside the residency studio window where the famous Randeng Pagoda tower built in the 500’s stands . It  served as a landmark for barges so people knew after a very long journey  their destination was near.

Enjoying a chat with Fan Di’an President of CAFA (Central Academy of Arts) and  Peng Feng (Dean of Arts Peking University) during the opening at XinGuangDa Musuem on Saturday


A huge thank you to people who made this residency such a valuable experience , to Sophie Zhong and Mr Peng Fei of Deiruiao Culture Media  , Beijing Tongzhou bureau of Culture and Tourism  and Beijing Deruiao Culture Media, to academicians FanD’ian  and Peng Feng , to the girls张佳妮 Zhang Jiani and LiLi李莉 on the 15th floor of Art Park 9  who kindly opened early and closed late during the residency, to AK and to Rainie (華雨)  to Prof Gao Xiang for his great company throughout the residency , also for the great company of fellow artists whom I got to know on Saturday’s opening  and at the beginning of the residency  





Participating artists include:

Fan di’an, Gao Xiang, Jing Shijian, Kang Lei, Li Aiguo , Li Mu, Qiu Ting, Wang Keju,    Wang Wei, Xue Lei, Xu WeiGuo, Xiang Yang, Yuxu Hong, Zheng Lu, Zhang Lujiang , Zhang Xinquan, Anna Kazmina,  Fabio Barrera,  Jacopo della ragione, Jiri Straka, Mica, Niamh Cunningham , Sally , Santiago Barrio, Wieslaw Borkowski Jr.

I will attach media links here once they become available


Working with DNA as an art material -Hair Lock and Hair Skull showing in ‘ Linear’ at LangKong, 798 -July2021

Hair Skull,artists hair, Niamh Cunningham 瑞莲 2013


The exhibition Linear is currently showing at LangKong art Museum(朗空美术馆)   in 798 (situated 3 doors away  from Red Gate gallery )

The Hair Skull has not been exhibited in 798 since 2013 so if you are in 798 please come along, you can also see the Hair Lock. These are works made over 7 years ago. The Hair lock was exhibited in New York (2015) and Taipei (2016) with the Intimate Transgressions project.

Hair Lock, artist’s hair, Niamh Cunningham 2015

Working with DNA as an art material :

Physically knitting your own genomic material is a very contemplative process. Each strand is tested for strength, elasticity and tensility before being selected for specific sections of the sculpture. The white hairs are strong and tensile and suspend the skull with ease. The coloured hair is soft but elastic and resilient.

All perceptions are acts of interpretation:

Being able to see through own genome and acknowledging it as your “coded” self as well as your personal story or experience, this screen of transparent knitted hair frames your world view. Holding on to the idea that it is my perception, acknowledging my referenced life (family traits and other things that are contained in my genome) and personal experience, this is what is framing my view of the world.


Consciousness is controlled hallucinations:

This is an interesting soundbite worth looking into. We know now that green red and yellow colours are not objective properties of objects in the world, they are just attributes of reflected light. And as the brain works out calculations of wavelengths of light it determines what colour something is. So we don’t even passively receive colour from the world but we actively attribute it to things in the world.

Neuro scientist Anil Seth talks about controlled hallucinations as being our consciousness and says it is not just our perceptions of the outside world but also ourselves, our memory, everything we perceive is a construction.  According to Seth instead of perception depending largely on signals coming into the brain from the outside world, it depends as much, if not more, on perceptual predictions flowing in the opposite direction. We don’t just passively perceive the world. We actively generate it. The world we experience comes as much, if not more, from the inside out as from the outside in.

Hair Skull, artists hair, Niamh Cunningham 2013

Cultural perception and our ecological crisis:

This brings us back to our ecological crisis. How can we change our perspective and ways of relating to ‘life’ as a planetary process. Developing a cultural ability to see our actions and the changes we can make, to view this from a systemic perspective would be a good goal. I believe culture and the arts have a vital role in shifting these norms of perception to positive changes in consumer choice which will leading to new industries and economies which are actually sustainable.  



Many thanks to curator Chang Feng, whom I have known many years and for whom I have the highest respect. Also to director Li Zheng 李征 of Langkong Art Museum  and all the hardworking team involved in ‘Linear’ .

Opening of ‘Linear’ at Langkong art Musuem 798  on Sat 10th July 2021

Linear will be exhibited till Jul 30th. There are amazing works showing by these artists ,

阿德里亚·彼得斯Adrian Peters(德国)\阿莲娜Alëna Olasyuk(乌克兰)\比尔·彭伯恩Bill Pangburn (美国) \陈澈Chen Che \高风Gao Feng \张丹Zhang Dan \李家瑞Li Jiarui \李沅Li Yuan \邵维春Shao Weichun \卢琳Lu Lin \王世龙Wang Shilong \王琪Wang Qi \夏国Xia Guo \杨志凌Yang Zhiling \张庭群Zhang Tingqun \张泓Zhang Hong \冉启泉Ran Qiquan \ 李永庚Li Yonggeng \ 吉苏•金Gisoo Kim(德国) \ 丁文尧Ding Wenyao \何红云He Hongyun(德国)\瑞莲Niamh Cunningham(爱尔兰)\刘水洋Liu Shuiyang\奥罗拉·诺雷纳·佛朗哥Aurora Noreña(墨西哥)\青木健二Kenji Aoki(JAPAN/USA)\陈学刚Chen Xuegang.          


At the opening on Saturday it was great to see old friends from projects years ago such as

张庭群Zhang Tingqun

I first met  Zhang Tingqun at an exhibition in Ordos, Zhang’s focus on the line is tantamount to his control of the brush.

李家瑞Li Jiarui

Over the years I often bumped into Li JiaRui on different projects in Qingdao , Ordos  and even the Gobi Dessert ! His supersaturated infusions of line and motion create space and time yet to be imagined.

陈学刚Chen Xue Gang

I first met video artist Chen Xue Gang  on the train to Hohot in 2015 for an exhibition . I remember his GIFS and our conversation back then. His current video work is a delightful morphing of human form .

杨志凌Yang Zhiling

I met Yang Zhiling a few years ago on a special visit to his impressive studio. 

陈澈Chen Che

This week I have found a new friend in Chen Che whose interests also strongly interweave fragmentation with nature. He has great English and kindly helped me with translation during speech time.

阿莲娜Alëna Olasyuk

Olasyuk takes penmanship to a different level, my personal favourites are her black works which defeat the limits of the paper surface.

王琪Wang Qi


There are many more participating artists I am looking forward to getting to know . 

‘Linear’ will run till July 30th at Langkong Art Museum in 798 , Beijing , it will then tour other cities such as Shenyang, Chengdu and Shanghai. Please click on the links for a more detailed overview of this exhibition. 

To see an overall view of the artworks by these artists please click on the links


Link 1


Link 2








All Things Bright – June 10th

 On Thursday the exhibition “All things Bright- The Beauty of Biodiversity ” a global sustainable Art Initiative was held in the Shangrila Hotel hosted by Golden Bee.  It ran parallel to the International CSR symposium.

Foggy Dew – Wukou Si  Sucrose Series  mixed media 100x50cm Niamh Cunningham 瑞莲2020 

The Sucrose Series is a mixed media series which focusses on carefully selected nature photographic images which are then subjected to various ‘interventions” . These interventions represent the manmade interventions we have imposed on our planet since the industrial revolution. Following a process of multiple steps of intervention including sewing and printing on cotton, the ink is partially lifted from the surface into the sugar mixture, often Chinese water-colour is added, these pigments move in a state of flux as the sugar mixture crystalizes and so the painting continues its process in the following months and even years. The Sucrose Series involves not just the original artwork but many process images which document the changes  that has occur over many months or even years . Some of these  images from the different stages during the transformative crystalisation process reveal interesting happenings that also reflect the positive and negative feedbacks which happen to our biosphere . It is this complex network of events which are difficult to  isolate and attribute as direct consequence of a single action. This  artwork  has  been  shown  on  my  blog  a collection of tree stories  called  “Memory  Palace of  Trees ” in 2020 . This is a socio eco practice where the public is invited  to share tree stories. This year  tree stories are submitted  in the format of one minute videos.

Willow Ice,   process print Sucrose Series UV print on Aluminium composite, 120×160 cm Niamh Cunningham 2020 

with some of the participating artists including WangHainan 王海南,Jing Yumin 景于民, Gu Liming 顾黎明,myself,瑞莲 Michael St Amand , Zhang Meng 张锰,Mr Zhuang (CEO) 庄先生,Liu Yue 刘悦


A sincere thank you to Mr Zhuang of Golden Bee , a global sustainable art initiative , also to Liu Yue and ShiYan  and those further afield 







List of Participating Artists  

景育民 Jingyumin

王小杰 WangXiaojie

刘悦 Liuyue

郑靖 Zheng Jing 

张锰 Zhang Meng

艾娜。莱姆 Anna Laimu

张帆 Zhangfan


Niko de la Faye

周是麟 Zhoushilin

郑岱 Zheng Dai 

顾黎明 Gu Liming 

何杉 HeShan 

Niamh Cunningham  瑞莲


吕智张 Lv ZhiZhang

王海南 Wang hai nan 

于扬 Yu Yang

韦冬 Wei Dong

Munkh Erdene

Michael St Amand 

李超 Li Chao 

Urlike Arnold 

Victor van Keuren 






The Second Step- portraits have a Summer in Hou Hai

The Second Step is a collection of eighteen of my portraits showing at JoyBeans Space in Jiu Longtou Hutong .  I am delighted to have the portraits reach new audiences in this hutong space  near the lakes of Hou Hai.  


There are  portraits downstairs and upstairs. 


Thank you to those who came to our little gathering on Sunday June 6th  . A big thank you to curator Jacopo Della Ragione for putting it all together with panache and also to Will 陈宇威 one of the architects who runs the space. 


It was a great chance to meet old friends and meet new ones too. 


Special thanks to Ambassador Anne Derwin and her husband Joe for dropping by during their busy schedule, the Ambassador asked questions about every portrait!  






The coffee space is nearby the Prince Gong Mansions  and other interesting residences. It is nearby the area I used to train on the lakes and so I am also hoping my old buddies from Dragon Boat training will pop by .  

The work is showing until August 8th  . 











WaterCity showing at Kun Art Museum , Solana

瑞莲,汇源水城 布面油画 2017 100厘米x300厘米 Niamh Cunningham, Water City Huiyuan oil on canvas 2017 100x 300cm


Astro World – Exit Plan opened Saturday at Kun Art Museum , Solana Mall last Saturday June 5th . This diverse exhibition was curated by artist Curator Doug Lewis whom I have known a number of years. He has been a teacher at the Canadian International School for a number of years and this event is his swan song as he and his artist partner Jean Klimack return to Canada after fourteen years of working in China . I have met them over the years at exhibitions in Caochangdi and 798  and at one or two of Lewis’s other exhibitions he curated over the years.

I was also delighted to be exhibiting with  a couple of artists I have known for years and new friends too. The Exhibition included some graduates and alumni from the Canadian International School 

With Lei Chakman’s work with Chakman and Martin Werhmer 

With Zhang Zhaohui 

With Stephen Gleadlow 



Astro World continues till the 27th of June 

Participating Artists include 

Kai Wen Fei

Jean Klimack

Dani Greene

Douglas Lewis

Martin Wehmer

Matt Hope

Xi Wang

David Lane

Li Gang

LuLu Li

Zhang Zhaohui

Niamh Cunningham,

Lei Chak Man

Divina Yue

Brandon Yuan

Eileen Li

Anna Yang

Martyna Pekela

Rosemary Shen



Astro Music : Some of the artists are musicians  and performed during the opening including Li Gang ( not pictured here ) and Doug Lewis (double  bass)