Currently Showing at Wick Art Centre, Budapest

On April 25th the Hungarian rendition a global tour of “Beyond the Form of Art”, was launched at the Wick Art Centre in Budapest. The works I am showing are two portraits from my the Transparent Milk portrait series .

The exhibition is comprised of artworks by twenty five artists from eight countries .Attending the opening ceremony were Mr. Sun Liping, Director of Science and Technology Department of Shanghai Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, Mr. Wei Xiang, Chairman of Wick International Culture, Art and Sports Association, Mr. GutiJozsef Soma, President of Budapest Art Association, Professor Kosza Janos of Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Szamódy Zsolt Olaf Hungarian Photography former chairman of the photography association, along with other VIPS and art enthusiasts.

The project is supported by the Shanghai Foreign Cultural Exchange Association and the Belgian CCIEU European Creative Culture Platform. A personal thank you to Mag Wen Xi of CCIEU  for all her hard work with this project.

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