#7 Old Crabapple of Wenhua Dian – Memory Palace of Tree Stories


Last week , just before the all the snows melted I happened to be on the grounds of the Imperial palace. Matthew Hu  is an historian on imperial history and we took a walk in Wenhua dian . 


The Old crabapple orchard in Wenhua dian ( Hall of Literary Brilliance). 


Memory Palace of Trees Video#7 Old Crabapple by Matthew Hu


…..Haitangyijiu “海棠依旧” is from a poem of Song Dynasty, it means Crab apple tree is as usual. The meaning is quite simple, however, by reading out these words some may recall the poem 如梦令and story of the female poet Li Qingzhao李清照.


Matthew Hu (胡新宇) is founder of the Courtyard Institute.