Weeks 31 and 32 showing this week at Gobi Heaven Festival

This week I am posting portraits for these two weeks together . The will be showing at the International Art exhibition venue at the mega art festival ‘Gobi Heaven ‘ at Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia August 7th – August 11th

Woodblock Connoisseur CC acrylic on canvas 100x100cm Niamh Cunningham /瑞莲 2019
Friend to Many CC 100x100cm acrylic on canvas , Niamh Cunningham/瑞莲 2019

Both these friends I believe have made important contributions to arts in China supporting many artists with their projects. Claire Cuccio is a curator, writer and researcher in woodblock techniques she was kind enough to write a few words on my work for an exhibition a few years ago.

Catherine Cheng is also an old friend who has encouraged many artists in China to continue their work over the years. She is also gifted at bringing people together, I still bump into many artists I met at her gatherings many years ago.

I will be showing video work as well as giving a workshop on image, space and memory , developing your mental imagery to create your own Memory Palace.

The next post will be on the Gobi experience!