Week 52: Letter to the President.AmcK

Letter to the President AK 50x50cm acrylic on canvas , 倪芙瑞莲Niamh Cunningham 2019

The final week for the 2019 portrait project …..I walked to school with A for many years as a child . She has always been an animal lover and when she was 10 years old she won an audience with President Hillery for an essay competition. The essay highlighted what she would do if she was president of Ireland building many animal shelters etc….. She is also rather fond of humans and is a distinguished clinical psychologist.

A portrait was posted every week throughout the year of 2019. Some are of young Chinese learners whom I used to teach in my early years in China, some are of family and friends, others are of artists and curators with whom I have worked over the years in China.