Week 51 She.GZ

Week 51. She GZ 50×50 acrulic on canvas 倪芙瑞莲.N瞎忙活Cunningham 2019

A portrait will be posted every week (usually Sunday afternoon) on this website home page throughout the year of 2019. Some are of young Chinese learners whom I used to teach in my early years in China, some are of family and friends, others are of artists and curators with whom I have worked over the years in China.

Guo Zhen is an artist/curator mostly based in NY whom I first met on a sculpture residency in Shandong two years ago. I remember we had a particularly good chat about women in art before we boarded the minibus of artists leaving Songzhuang . Later I would see how she pulled her team together , cajoled , encouraged, joked with them to ensure her ambitious sculpture got completed. The following year she curated “Existence” a female art exhibition in Changsha which she invited my participation.