#2 Pomegranate Tree – Memory Palace of Trees


Our second video story comes from the village of the Ming Tombs , a big thank you to Han Chao  for his tree story . 




Hello everyone, I’m Han Chao . This is the tree story I want to share.

This is a pomegranate tree, in a village of the Ming Tombs area in Changping, Beijing.

Last year during the pandemic, I moved into this yard.

At that time the whole world was talking about life and death, however, the tree flourished.

In autumn, there were several large pomegranates.

A year later, I’m  preparing to leave this yard, but the tree didn’t survive.

Because it isn’t coming into leaf, its without any buds.

The world revives, yet the tree has died.

Perhaps that’s why it makes me feel a certain way.

It’s the tree that reminds me of world’s uncertainties and constant changing between life and death.





Open Call for your tree story on video 

Memory Palace of Trees will continue in 2021. This year the submissions are video format. If you have a story you can tell in less than a minute (under 60 seconds), please  find your favorite tree and video yourself  on your phone telling the story. I can help with adding the English or Chinese subtitles.  Please ensure the sound quality of your recording is as clear as possible . If you have any questions please ask. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.   I can be contacted on the last page “Enquire”  or directly on this platform.