All Things Bright – June 10th

 On Thursday the exhibition “All things Bright- The Beauty of Biodiversity ” a global sustainable Art Initiative was held in the Shangrila Hotel hosted by Golden Bee.  It ran parallel to the International CSR symposium.

Foggy Dew – Wukou Si  Sucrose Series  mixed media 100x50cm Niamh Cunningham 瑞莲2020 

The Sucrose Series is a mixed media series which focusses on carefully selected nature photographic images which are then subjected to various ‘interventions” . These interventions represent the manmade interventions we have imposed on our planet since the industrial revolution. Following a process of multiple steps of intervention including sewing and printing on cotton, the ink is partially lifted from the surface into the sugar mixture, often Chinese water-colour is added, these pigments move in a state of flux as the sugar mixture crystalizes and so the painting continues its process in the following months and even years. The Sucrose Series involves not just the original artwork but many process images which document the changes  that has occur over many months or even years . Some of these  images from the different stages during the transformative crystalisation process reveal interesting happenings that also reflect the positive and negative feedbacks which happen to our biosphere . It is this complex network of events which are difficult to  isolate and attribute as direct consequence of a single action. This  artwork  has  been  shown  on  my  blog  a collection of tree stories  called  “Memory  Palace of  Trees ” in 2020 . This is a socio eco practice where the public is invited  to share tree stories. This year  tree stories are submitted  in the format of one minute videos.

Willow Ice,   process print Sucrose Series UV print on Aluminium composite, 120×160 cm Niamh Cunningham 2020 

with some of the participating artists including WangHainan 王海南,Jing Yumin 景于民, Gu Liming 顾黎明,myself,瑞莲 Michael St Amand , Zhang Meng 张锰,Mr Zhuang (CEO) 庄先生,Liu Yue 刘悦


A sincere thank you to Mr Zhuang of Golden Bee , a global sustainable art initiative , also to Liu Yue and ShiYan  and those further afield 







List of Participating Artists  

景育民 Jingyumin

王小杰 WangXiaojie

刘悦 Liuyue

郑靖 Zheng Jing 

张锰 Zhang Meng

艾娜。莱姆 Anna Laimu

张帆 Zhangfan


Niko de la Faye

周是麟 Zhoushilin

郑岱 Zheng Dai 

顾黎明 Gu Liming 

何杉 HeShan 

Niamh Cunningham  瑞莲


吕智张 Lv ZhiZhang

王海南 Wang hai nan 

于扬 Yu Yang

韦冬 Wei Dong

Munkh Erdene

Michael St Amand 

李超 Li Chao 

Urlike Arnold 

Victor van Keuren