Week 48 Origami Resting C&D

Week 48 Origami Resting C&D, acrylic on canvas 50x50cm 倪芙瑞莲Niamh Cunningham 2019

A portrait will be posted every week (usually Sunday afternoon) on this website home page throughout the year of 2019. Some are of young Chinese learners whom I used to teach in my early years in China, some are of family and friends, others are of artists and curators with whom I have worked over the years in China.

When we were eight years old in Sister Bernadettes class, C had introduced the most wonderful folds and creases for her stories in her scrapbook , soon the whole class adapted these presentations in their own scrapbooks. A decade later as a postgrad in Uni on the other side of the island, I bought the National Sunday Press newspaper to find her column, written in Irish, as C is a Gaeilgeoir. A few years later she became a TV presenter and media celebrity , she introduced “RiverDance” to the world stage with the late Gerry Ryan during the Eurovision song contest . She turned down job offers from various global broadcasters to return to study law and has been a practicing barrister for many years. About ten years ago she came over to sit for me as I needed to sketch her . She brought her son but D was coming down with something and feeling poorly and he joined the sitting. Resting is not something you easily catch C doing but I got lucky .