Currently Showing-The Heritage Rooms, Al Abra and Al Khor at Tamani Hotel Marina, Dubai


Like an abra crossing the Creek, I journeyed to another place as I saw work of mine I had not seen for a decade.  In the Heritage Rooms of the Tamani Hotel Marina Dubai,  there are two meeting rooms displaying my work: Al Abra and Al Khor ( Abra means crossing  referring to the water taxi boats and Al Khor is waterway or harbour). 






In 2008 the Tamani Hotel purchased 20 paintings from my ‘Creek Series’ through the gallery that represented me at the time, Art Attack Gallery which was directed by Al Qais Saeed Alfalasi.

Fish Tales 40x80cm  2008  Niamh Cunningham Reworked Print with impasto Oil – 2/4 .


The first of the rooms is Al Abra. 

The meeting rooms have recently been used as dining rooms while the restaurant has been renovated. 

Creek  Edge 120 x 80cm 2006 Oil on Canvas Niamh Cunningham . 



Into the City 80x 120cm 2007  Oil on Canvas  Niamh Cunningham   










Panorama Dubai 150x 50cm  Oil on Canvas 2008 Niamh Cunningham


The second of the Heritage Rooms is Al Khor , Tamani Marina Hotel .













Dirham Passage 120 x90cm Oil on canvas 2007 Niamh Cunningham

Bird Watchers 140 x 102cm 2006 Acrylic Niamh Cunningham


Approaching Three , 120 x 100cm  Oil on canvas 2006  Niamh Cunningham 


A big thank you to Mr Sherif Elibrashy for taking the time to meet me and for facilitating my visit to the hotel. 


For more on Dubai related artwork please look at my website link The Creek Series 




  Tamani Hotel, Dubai Marina,