Beijing Film Academy exhibition

The exhibition (形质与叙事)  ‘Qualitative Phase and the Narrative’ or  my own loose translation – A conversation on what lies beneath- opened yesterday at Dong Yue Art Museum. Curated by Liu Xuguang and Li Zhen this trienial exhibition is part of the Beijing Film Academy conference.  “ The exhibition explores  art as a concept and looks at the original image in the context of new media art” said academic curator Li Zhen.

curator: Liu Xuguang

academic curator: Li Zhen

artistic director: Yuan QiuLai

Reframing original art in its traditional material into a contemporary understanding and interlacing concepts across many generations includes the work by the following artists. I am honoured to be exhibiting with these impressive artists.


Artists participating in this exhibition include :

Sakaguchi Amano (Japan), Paul Keitasumi (Japan), Chen Yixuan, Fan Zhongming, Feng Fang, Feng Lin, Guan Huibin, Huoting Xiao, Huang Yuanqing, Liu Shangying, Liu Xuguang, Li Haifeng, Li Shu’an, Jonathan Simone (USA), Niamh Cunningham (Ireland), Shen Chen, Shi Yu, Weng Jianqing, Wang Dongling, Wang Honghai, Wu Xiangyun, Xu Hongming, Xue Song, Zhang Hao, Zhang Yu, Zhang Zhengmin, Zhou Ming Yang.


My work showing in this exhibition comes from the cell division series , the works are monoprints on rice paper using Chinese water colour with other media .



In The Mix 《 准备排队》Monotype, Chinese colour on Rice paper, 70x70cm Niamh Cunningham (2017)







On The Edge 《 准备排队》Monotype, Chinese colour on Rice paper, 70x70cm Niamh Cunningham (2017)






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