Currently Showing at Da Yun Tang Art Museum

Here are the two art works showing in Wangjing.

Niamh Cunningham – Ginkgo Sunday 165 x 110 cm 

‘Ginkgo Sunday’ is part of a series of paintings based on an area in Olympic Park where they form a sea of yellow in autumn. The gingko tree existed over 200 million years ago as dinosaurs roamed blissfully unaware of their imminent extinction. The gingko leaf is unique with dividing veins giving it a distinctive shape. Although the fan shape of the leaf makes it so easily recognisable, I have focussed on its incredible reflective light. There are three other large Ginkgo paintings displayed permanently at Huaxin Hospital, Orthopedic centre. Ginkgo Sunday is the fourth of that set .

 Niamh Cunningham – Yunnan Early Evening 150x 50cm

 In 2013 I saw Yunnan’s terraced steps and experienced the fading evening light turn the lush rolling hills into various hues of colour. A house seems to stand defiantly against the rolling sweep of the hills, as if challenging the waves of nature.