The Feng Huang Walk … Showing in Guangzhou , AT Centre for Contemporary Art

The Feng Huang Walk, Chinese colour & ink on paper 70x 70cm 2016 Niamh Cunningham 

Currently showing work in an exhibition curated by Chang Feng in Guangzhou. Produced by Lan Hai Qi. On Paper is an ambitious project travelling many cities in China within the year and this is the final stop for 2017.  (See my previous post on the Ordos exhibition ). It explores work on paper and  paper related artwork. On Paper continues till Dec 30th.





Participating artists include: 



Geng Jingxin (Norway) / Guan Wei (Australia) / Hu Yu  / Jia Youguang / Li Hongjun / Li Hongbo / Li Gui / Liu Chuanbao / Liu Shui Yang / Wang Lei / Wang Nanxun / Wang Xiaorong / Wang Xiaojin / Wu Yiqiang / Yang Jinshan

On Paper

Chang Xiaojun /  Brendan A.Linane (UK) /  Fion Gunn (Ireland) / Niamh Cunningham (Ireland) / Chen Yafeng / Han Xing / Huang Jiayan / Li Jiarui / Shi Haibing / Sun Kan / Wang Dongmei / Wu Xiu-ling / Yang Jianyong / Yang Zhiling / Zhang Hong / Zhang Tingqun / Zhang Yi / Zheng Yuan Wu / Zhu Lizi Ge / Zhu Yan Cun  

Guangdong Artists: 

Chen Zeqiang / Jiang Heng / He Guirui / He Runting / Huang Yin / Li Mingchang / Liu Zunqun / Ren Hui / Wen Qiuwen / Xie Yuting / Xu Hongbin / Zhang Hongli


The project Paper Supreme has been ongoing for seven years showing throughout China  and this current exhibition in Guangzhou is different for a few reasons.

“This particular exhibition has the most participating artists to date with an additional twelve local artists from Guangzhou. ” said curator Chang Feng . “Many thanks to  Mr Lan Haiqi of the recently built  Contemporary Art Centre  for his great support in presenting a new field of contemporary art meanwhile laying a solid foundation for next years rendition of ‘ Paper’  in Guangzhou. ”



The ‘Feng Huang Walk’ imagery is based on an artist group residency a few years ago where the whole team visited the scenic  city of Phoenix (Feng Huang). The abstracted figures are of my fellow artists  who at that time were crossing the famous steps in the river. Although this painting does not fit into any of the Chinese painting categories it was made using Chinese materials , based on my working experience here in China and applying a technique which I acquired during that residency in Zhangjiajie 2014.



















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Many thanks to curator Chang Feng, to Mr Lan Haiqi , and also to  artists Jia Rui and He GuiRui for the installation photos.