2018 On Paper ·Supreme at QingDao Tiantai Art Centre

QIngDao On Paper Supreme
‘The bright stick trapped’ sucrose on printed cotton, mixed media, 40 cm diam Niamh Cunningham 2018 On Paper.Supreme被困的明亮树枝, 印花棉上的蔗糖,混合材质,直径40厘米,瑞莲,纸上·至上


On Paper.Supreme 2018 series of exhibitions will tour several cities in China begins in QingDao Tiantai Art Centre this weekend. The exhibition is curated by Chang Feng and will open onJunel 17th.


‘Pouring redemption for me -sepia’, mixed media, Sucrose 50x28cm Niamh Cunningham 2018 On Paper.Supreme       为我倾倒救赎-深褐色,混合材质,蔗糖,50x28cm,瑞莲,纸上·至上


The Sucrose Series

These landscapes begin with obvious references to the natural world. I refer to them as sucrose paintings as I redisperse the digital ink using hot sugar on cotton. The process involves multiple layers of interventions, each intervention I believe bringing a mark of loss. The process may include marks of machined thread, digital ink pulled or burned off the cotton surface, blended, intermingled and redispersed with Chinese colour sometimes ink with mixed media and sugar. This can be  followed by numerous layers of mixed media even with monocrystal sugar, there continues to be crystalization  and a buildup of opacity. This changing nature is what is fascinating to me .

On Paper.Supreme Sucrose series by Niamh Cunningham
‘A New Dress Woven ‘, mixed media, 40 cm diam Niamh Cunningham 2018《新织裙》,混合材质,直径40厘米,瑞莲,2018


Here is a link to an overview of the exhibition showing the diverse and exciting range of approaches to Paper . I will be writing about the overall exhibition soon.