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Memories of the painting residency in Zhangjiajie, Hunan,  in November 2014 have returned with a show called Monoprint – The China Workshops at Art Gallery of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. The show is curated by  the director of the gallery Kim Houghtaling who was supporting artists during the workshops at the 2014 residency along with Master Printmaker Gordon Novak.

China Workshop exhibitionCanada 1

Monoprint China workshops 2

Apart from painting three oil paintings within 10 days each artist had a session  with Master Printmake Gordon Novak and KimHoughtaling  at the monoprint workshop. These are some of the works I produced that day.

Niamh Cunningham 5 copy

Niamh Cunningham 1 copy









China Workshop exhibitionCanada 2


*This show is available for tour – a programming materials package is available*

For more information contact Kim Houghtaling, Director and Curator Art Gallery of Swift Current
411 Herbert Street East, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. S9H 1M5 Telephone: 306-778-2736 Email:

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