A visit to Louvre Abu Dhabi

I lived in Dubai a long time ago.  Before I left people were talking and preparing plans for this museum in the neighbouring Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

I return almost a decade later and it is opened to the public when I arrive. 

Jean Novel’s silvery dome roof design has 8 different layers where the light and sea breeze filter through . Certain areas at the right time can be washed with soft dappled light. Here are a few photos of the architecture.


The headline used on the brochure says ‘Get ready to see humanity in a new light’. The exhibitions were impressive, the curation was very good mixing civilisations throughout the ages together in clever ways extending to our contemporary era. There were a couple of snags still being worked on such as signage and I had mixed feelings about one or two of the exhibit rooms but these were minor . As an experience, a visit here will be remembered for the ease with which you can pass through a history of humanity and its aspirations to create and of course those space-age breezy light outdoor spaces .


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