Xuan Zhi Paper series available for online purchase


12.11.15, monoprint Niamh Cunningham 70 x70 cm
12.11.15, monoprint Niamh Cunningham 70 x70 cm

This series of paper works are a contemplation on process, chance and reclamation. For this series I can act as fluidly and quickly as surface tension allows creating the movement of colour captured on the xuan zhi paper. Although traditional Chinese materials are being used it is very different to the traditional brush work on paper .

Some of the works here are revisits from works on canvas, some are of intended works that have yet to reach the canvas. And others are organic abstractions of life, evolving into cellular microcosms or botanical forms.


Features and Benefits:

The works in this series are diverse spanning  from pure abstraction to the figurative. They have been an integral part of my daily practise for over a year. This is an unusual opportunity for early collectors. Each paperwork is a handmade original with full signature and the artist stamp. All  enquires for purchase on the contact page please.


The Xuan Zhi artwork is supported on customized thick mounting paper ready for courier delivery to anywhere in the world. The works are currently being stored with Dong Yue Art Museum, Beijing. Bella Xu the  wonderful assistant at Dong Yue will wrap, arrange couriers and insurance for anywhere in the world.


Want to avoid the shipping costs?

If you have a friend living in Beijing they can come to Dong Yue Art Museum directly to purchase and collect the work personally. If possible I can arrange to meet them when they visit and we can talk about framing and presentation of the work.