Get Involved, Participate and Find your Tribe

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the opening ceremony for Beijing No 55 High School. The students were starting back after their long Chinese Spring Festival break ready to face the music for the next semester.

I remember well being in high school in St Leo’s Carlow wondering where it was all going to go from there. The title of my talk was “Get Involved, Participate and Find your Tribe” . I shared my journey from biomedical sciences to visual artist, the value of working in various collaborative Art projects in Dubai and here in China over the years such as Irish Wave and Intimate Transgressions and  also I showed some art work. 













Many thanks to all the staff at Beijing 55 , especially Principal Chen Hong , teacher Yang Ying and to Drew Milligan for the lovely introduction . 

With Principal Chen Hong awarding me with a gift.