You Ku link to ‘Beijing Guest’ the 30 min programme on BTV

A huge thank you to the people of Beijing TV Youth Channel  (北京客-BTV 青年)especially the people working on ‘Beijing Guest’ Presenters Zhu Yingyi and Sima and Director Che . To fellow participating artist Geng Xin , to Yuan Qiu Lai of Dong Yue Art Museum. A big thank you also to the Embassy of Ireland in China, to Ambassador Paul Kavanagh who speaks on the programme and also to his wife Rosemary Kavanagh. Below is the link to the…

……30 min programme on BTV called Beijing Guest which was first aired on April 14th . Most of this is an insight to the exhibition ‘Infinite Entities -Life & Nature’ with fellow artist Geng Xin from Hangzhou. 

Note: the programme is mostly in Chinese though there is plenty of English spoken when it comes to my turn to speak! 

click here for the Youku link