“An Eastward Calling” broadcast March 29 in China


Click here for the My China episode of An Eastward Calling  by CCTV News Channel .

On Sunday morning we watched the “My China” broadcast of the An Eastward Calling which was filmed during summer 2014 while preparing for my first solo show in Beijing.

The following post takes a look at a few photos taken during the shoot.


outside workshop 66 with Xu QF David Tain Hua

Wang Qingfeng (centre) discusses the day’s shoot with editor David Muskett.

Talking to Wang QF before studio shoot

Framing the action.

filming at home



Sofa so good.

Holding so many variables all at once was at times intense and very exciting and made for some interesting decision making.





We watched the final cut in the lounge of Dong Yue Art Museum with gallery Director Mr Yuan QuiLai who kindly hosted the screening and assistant Bella Su.

TV broadcast 4*










Also present were other members of the project, Helen Tian of Workshop 66, artist Patty Hudak and Yao Yao Yuan.

TV broadcast 1*










IRISH WAVE team, artist/curators Fion Gunn,  Brendan Jamison and Mark Revels took a break from a hectic schedule to watch the broadcast before   deinstalling the group show  “A Meditation in a time of War” at Dong Yue Art Museum.


Sincere thanks to everyone who made this film project possible, Wang QingFeng, David Muskett, and all the CCTV staff of “My China”, especial thanks for the music provided by Irish band Ciorras and also to Jordan Thomas Mitchell, Yuan QuiLai of Dong Yue Art Museum, Bella Su, Yao Yao Yuan, Dr Li Zhen (China Women’s University), Ambassador of Ireland Paul Kavanagh and Rosemary Kavanagh, Irish Network China, Beijing Bookworm, Helen Tian of Workshop 66, Gao Xiao Fei, Patty Hudak, and my family here in China, my very patient husband Tom and son Fionn and my family originating from Ireland, my mother Dolores, siblings Eamon, Donal (RIP) , Colm, Niall -whose photos were featured in the programme and the three “little ones” whose photos weren’t included but are still very much my siblings Orla, Dara and Ciara.