On Paper.Supreme Nov 2018 Beijing: What the artists say


The final exhibition for this years project opened Friday Nov 16th at the Beijing Creative Centre affiliated with Gwangju Art Museum in Songzhuang. Curator Chang Feng listed the previous cities of QIngDao, Shenyang and Ordos where the project had toured earlier in the year.

Museum director Park Woon Fai welcomed the visitors and guests. Sincere thanks to Jack Mc Cormack cultural attache for the Embassy of Ireland who also spoke as there are three Irish artists in this particular project this year. A huge thank you to curator Chang Feng ,  Park Woon Kai and also Mr Zhou for hosting the exhibition for the Beijing part of the project.

Participating artists include:

Aimee Lee,  Pyo Inbu,  Ryota Shiibashi, Fion Gunn, Kim Namo/Jin Nanwu, Li Hongbo, Maribel Portela,  Qin Jian,  Xin Song,  Wang Wei, Wu Liangyan, Yang Zhiling, Woonhak Chung, Audrey Mullins, Chen Yafeng, Jerry Lee, Ming Ke, Patrick Dewit, Quan Bao, Niamh Cunningham, Yumo Wu, Zhang Dan, Zhong Zhao

Here is a look at some of  the works and a few words from the artists

Yang Zhiling 扬志凌, 

what the artist says : 

The power of the soul is boundless like a flower bud unfurling into an expansive garden—like a drop of water morphing into an endless flowing spring. Wellbeing is a state of mind; as long as there is sunshine in the heart, no matter where one goes, one will find abundant happiness. I use light as a tool of perception and of painting. ‘To carry your own sunshine’ is a kind of natural optimism, clear and diaphanous, a mentality which is clean and fully occupied. Bringing your own sunshine is a kind of wisdom, a transcendence, which allows us to eclipse our despair in difficult circumstances; to sincerely and magnanimously enjoy the sunshine.


Ryota Shiibashi,

what the artist says: 

I believe that life after death and before birth are of the same world and is somehow linked to this world at the same time. Nature allows for a more tangible experience to explore the space between Life and Death. When I make collage works from my mountain photography I imagine the creation of the earth in the pulverizing act of rocks crashing together over a long period of time.


Fion Gunn 飞扬,

what the artist says : 

I am interested in the relationships between our most profound, most personal experiences and the macro narrative of history. Using a wide range of media I explore the movement of peoples, our multi-layered cultures and aesthetic connections. Art offers a valuable space where all perspectives, causes and effects, can be included and scrutinised.


Xin Song宋昕, 



Wu Liangyan吴梁焰, 

what the artist says : 

There is war in the kingdom of faith. Yet the kingdom of war has many faiths, the Heart Sutra, the Bible, and the Islamic Classic. I use the wisdom of the Three Classic faiths to create a contradictory community that includes the evils of a field war. For example the knowledge from the Bible can help us yet it can injure others, this otherness leads to the belief in justified violence and influences a cold and relentless war. I hope to use my works to express my hope for future world peace.


Audrey Mullins, 

 Audrey Mullins, 

what the artist says : 

I like to think of my abstracted landscapes as visions of imagined planets where un-deciphered languages are scattered on weathered surfaces. These languages suggest unanswered questions, un-concluded narratives and the fear of un-consequentiality. The delicate surfaces hint at both fragility and complexity, it is my response to human history. 


Wang Wei王雷


what the artist says : 

Since 2013, I have been subscribing to various newspapers at post offices, such as the Peoples Daily, Beijing Evening News and Peoples Liberation Army Daily. I have been subscribing to nine newspapers a year for more than a year, and I have continued to do so until now. According to the nature of the newspaper subscription, we produce different forms of space works. One full year of newspaper subscription can be applied by twisting and weaving to produce one work to express my understanding of this type of newspaper for that year and enter into the expression of ideas. (Wang Lei)


Li Hongbo李洪波, 

what the artist says : 

The work originates from the “Paper Gourd” which we often played with in childhood.  A stack of thin paper can change into a variety of different forms.  I can see other alternatives for the paper-based language engaging such visual impact, from the concrete to the abstract, tangible to invisible, from norm to freedom, or vice versa. The continuity of the paper becomes an important element for language expression. Its concentration and dispersion, up and down, present a set of unpredictable possibilities.


Zhang Dan 张丹

what the artist says : 

Exploring the power source of life as the starting point of creative inspiration interests me, it suggests that single mysterious powerhouse, some containable unit of life  such as the gene. It may even appear to be a kind of memorial to the lack of culture. The soul in my heart continually records the story of the elf’s cultural history, creating a mysterious atmosphere with drifting thoughts of desire and discovery. Full of uneasiness in meditation. The direction behind the work is wrapped in layers of historical sediment which has been being broken and reconstructed. The light of God guides me to meditate in confusion, and the space of light and shadow itself is the habitat of my soul.


Qin Jian秦剑, 

what the artist says : 

The human desire to seek free space and issues of an ever increasing population which causes huge burden on the earth are some of the issues I explore. The natural state of human reproduction will change with the rapid development of in-vitro embryo technology and the maturity of robotics industry.  The results of these advancements are still unknown but the topic of human reproduction worship is another area I examine with my work. Delving into the depths of the human heart that deal with sensations such as memories of a past life or encorporating information from elsewhere, it is in these realms of displacement where my work lies.  


Jerry Li 李家瑞,  

what the artist says : 

My current work investigates commonplace anxieties, trivialities and information. These are spliced together randomly on a flat plane with the aim of achieving a more spacious sense of location and information. This may involve many modes of communication such as writing, photos, painting, technology, manufacturing and so on. Whichever way it manifests itself, it must be an expression that persists in the plane. it must be zeitgeist in expression and bring  visually immediacy to the audience.


Patrick Dewitt,

what the artist says: 

It is always an adventure to start a painting. I never have a goal and never know where it will bring me. The majority of my compositions are small because I usually add very fine lines and tiny details. Had I made them bigger they would most likely be heavier, those thin lines would be lost entirely and look completely different.


Aimee Lee

What the artist says:

Paper is central to my work as material, tradition, and theme. All of these books are made from paper that I make directly from plants. The pages are embedded with more paper that I have dyed, spun, woven, and marked into the pages. The stories weave together personal narrative and an excavation of material history through text, line, and actual objects. 


Quan Bao全宝, 

what the artist says : 

Borrowing from the landscapes on Chinese currency notes I explore the special effects using disposable napkins with oil on canvas. Producing a different sense of form which instigated many trials and further curiosity. The combination of classic traditional oil paint and cheap disposable napkins poses an interesting dichotomy. Framed within many fragmented images, I am fascinated by the ‘in between spaces’ connecting the collage sheets creating a crushing tension.

The massive daily consumption of these disposable napkins reflects on China’s rapid development and it is that material prosperity we see on the surface. And so there are new dichotomies of spirit and belief, crushing and rebuilding, prosperity and extinction.


Niamh Cunningham 瑞莲

what the artist says : 

The sucrose series explores loss and reclamation through process and materiality. It involves a sequence of multiple interventions and explores how the physical matter itself can continue to push the creation event. Some of the interventions include sewing, ‘burning off’ the digital image from the surface, adding colour and of course the crystalisation process of sugar. Once I am finished working on the ‘sugar painting’ the process of crystalisation may continue to transform and obliterate. The imagery itself is of nature and the environment, places around Beijing which I know well and for which I have a strong affinity.  For more on this work click here 



Yu Mo Wu吴禹墨, 

what the artist says : 

I worked with Xu Sheng in both Argentina and Iceland to gather the traces of sunlight, each working in the other country. “Collecting Sunshine” is a collaborative work performed simultaneously, one in the extreme cold and very limited sunshine of northern Iceland.  The opposite destination of South America provided intense summer light and high UV levels of Cuba, Peru, Chile, and Argentina.  We both gathered local “container” objects daily at the same time. Northern and Southern latitudes vary in UV intensity and so the ‘collected sunlight’ marks shadows of variable strengths and shapes on the photo sensitive paper different volumes of a variety of containers such as box, cup, cola cans, tourism products.

Each artist is either north or south, simultaneously in winter and summer, probing and testing sunlight and ultraviolet rays. It is a solar treasure as the concept lies in the fact that it is the containers that are collected by the sun in opposite sides of the planet thus completing the “polar dialogue”



Kim Namo 金南五 (Jin Nanwu)



Maribel Portela


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Niamh Cunningham- Bio 。。。个人简介-倪芙瑞莲
'The Pattern that Connects' is part of the Common Threads project showing at EPIC Museum Irish Emigration Museum, Dublin Feb 1- 14th

Currently Showing Oct 2022: The Sasse Museum of Art , Pomona, CA, in the US opened a photography exhibition last weekend showing a process print (23.01.2018) from my mixed media Sucrose Series "Ginkgo Palace", Niamh Cunningham 2018
The original physical sucrose plate and accompanying print on aluminium was collected at Art Beijing 2021
Promoting Connectivity through Creative Industries Sept 2022 at Yindi Art Museum, hosted by Opportunity Lab
Hair Skull recently exhibited (Oct 1st-7th 2022) at Art Plus Shanghai , the group exhibition"Linear" is curated by Chang Feng

For more information on the Hair Skull and working with DNA as an art material click HERE

Ann Derwin, Ambassador to Ireland in China with gallerist 庞春慧Peng Chun Hui at For 觅 gallery , August 2022
Currently showing - Moon Covenant

Artist talk on gathering peoples tree stories before Spitoon Book Club discussion on Pulitzer prize winning novel " The Overstory" by Richard Powers
Online Catalogue launched Jan 2022 , showing Sucrose Series alongside Microbe Art
Recently exhibited in Xishuangbanna State Art Museum Dec 2021
Canal Bank Walk , Yuan Dadu Culural Relics Park Beijing
Grand Canal artist Residency and Exhibition

Her Name Penninsula Art Museum Weihai, Shandong 16 July- 22 Oct 2021

Linear….. showing at LangKong Art Museum (朗空美术馆) 07.7-30.7.21
Suzhou Couples Retreat Gardens
The Second Step – mini solo of 18 portraits in HouHai from 6.6 tp 8.8 2021
Astro World Exit Tourism – Group exhibition June 2021
Recently ART Beijing 2021 Booth B28 Irish Contemporary Art
Early stage – Sculpture project HongFangzi ShaWan Sichuan
Current Events 正在展出


2022 9月   谷山村中国农民丰收节暨大地艺术节


2022 9月   传粉者:北京西山鼓山乡村公园的再生材料雕塑



2022 6-8“月亮之约” For觅画廊,通州,北京

2022 1 来自爱尔兰的艺术家 ,线上展览 在线链接

2022 1 清华大学精准医学研究院, EBM 中心





20217 “线性”,798朗空美术馆,北京



2021610“万物有灵——多样之美” 艺术展与企业社会责任国际论坛,北京

20216“第二步”(小型个人展),龙头井胡同JoyBeans Space,北京

20216“天体世界:出逃旅行” 蓝色港湾KUN美术馆,北京

2021年3月4月 ART Beijing 2021

202012 艺术推动可持续未来” 中国企业社会责任国际学术研讨会, 北京泰富酒店


20207  “沉默的爆破”,无锡外滩美术馆,江苏无锡, 7月11日至31日

2019年11月”中国 爱尔兰  MUSEu&m , 上海

*2019年11月装置中国—红房子首届国际户外装置创作营在乐山沙湾红房子开营 …开始阶段

*2019年8月*Gobi Heaven- August 戈壁。天堂-八月

*2019年7月”1919″ 爱尔兰  Sligo -Hamilton Gallery  

*2019年5月“胜日寻芳“ 山东济宁市泗水等闲谷艺术粮仓美术馆

2019年5月-16 爱尔兰大使馆布卢姆日的展览

20195-6  《一张棉花纸》   在宋庄东区玖层美术馆展出



*2018年11月-12月“地图与疆域”国际艺术邀请展 北京吉利学院


*2018, 10月中欧国当代艺术全球巡展·上海

2018, 9月-10月“纸上·至上”展览,沈阳市拓•空间,

2018, 6月-11月诗人叶芝日,爱尔兰,斯莱戈(SLIGO),汉密尔顿艺术画廊

*2018年8月 淮阴艺术馆提名展,淮安市

*2018, 8月 “纸上·至上”展览, 鄂尔多斯,

*2018 , 6月30日 济南“国际抽象艺术展”

*2018 , 6月17 日 纸上•至上2018 在青岛,

*2018 , 5月20 日存在-国际女性艺术展,湖南长沙,

*2018 , 4月21 日延缓的时间,4月21日-29日,红门画廊,798艺术区

*2018 , 4月20 日 挖掘,,和画廊,来鹏高尔夫俱乐部

*2018年4月-12日 挖掘, , 展览,悦美术馆,北京798艺术区




*2017年12月末至2018年1月末, 《时间之外》主题艺术展, 北京中关村融科资讯中心

*2017年12月, 形质与叙事, 形质与叙事, 东岳美术馆

 *2017年12月,广州新造当代艺术中心,纸上·至上 纸艺作品群展.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

* Gushan Rural Village Park Harvest  Autumn 2022

Current Exhibition


Recent  exhibitions:

2022 Moon Covenant Forgallery , Grasse Town , Beijing June- August

2022 Artists from Ireland (online) Sasse Museum of Art Pomona, CA, USA (catalogue link)

2022 Peoples’ Portraits EBM Centre, Tsinghua Uni Intelligent HealthCare, BJ

2021 Rhythm of Life Xishuangbanna Art Museum, Jinghong, Dec

2021 Linear Jingheng Art centre, Jinshan, Shanghai Dec

2021 Abstract China, Taizhou, Jiangsu Oct-Nov

2021 Meet the Grand Canal Xinguanda Centre Tongzhou, Oct

2021 Linear Langkong Art Museum 798, Beijing July

2021 Her Name – Existence Peninsula Art Museum, Weihai, July

2021 Silent and Soft -New Interpretations Suzhou classical Gardens June

2021 All things Bright CSR symposium Shangrila Hotel, Beijing June 10th

2021 The Second Step (mini solo) Joy Beans Space, Jiu Longtou hutong, June

* AstroWorld Kun Art Museum June 5 2021

*Portraits (solo) Joybeans  Hou  Hai 6.6-8.8

*River things  Suzhou Zhenyuan garden UNESCO world Heritage Training and Research centre June 12 th

*Art Beijing  2021 Booth B28  Garden of Friendship

*“Art promotes a Sustainable Future” China CSR international symposium Dec 2020.

*Silent Explosion, Wuxi Bund Art Centre, Jiangsu,  July 11-31 2020

* Sculpture project in HongFangzu , Shawan, Sichuan , begining phase Nov 2019

Current Exhibition

*China Ireland exhibition at MUSEU&m, near the Bund , Shanghai, Nov 29th 2019

* Sculpture project in HongFangzu , Shawan, Sichuan , begining phase Nov 2019

*1919 – Group Exhibition (Hamilton Gallery) in New York, Irish Consulate

*1919 – Group Exhibition Hamilton Gallery , Sligo , Ireland July – September

*Gobi Heaven Art Festival , Inner Mongolia , August 2019

*A piece of Cotton Paper  9th floor gallery Songzhuang June 15th

*”Winning the Day ‘ Granary Art Centre,  SiShui , Shandong, May – June 2019

*Beyond the form of Art , Wick Art Centre , Budapest, Hungary may 2019

*Odyssey The Return ; group exhibition at Dong Yue Art Museum, Beijing  in April

Map and Territory Art IRRCA at Beijing Geely College Nov 20- Dec 20 2018

*Thousands of Sprouts, an experimental online exhibition – by Elizabeth Ross  Nov 2018

* On Paper Supreme, Gwangju Art Museum Beijing Creative Centre Songzhuang Nov- Dec 2018

*China Europe Internaitional Contemporary Art Global Tour Shanghai Oct 2018

*An Irish Airman foresees his Death – Hamilton Gallery Sligo, Ireland June – Nov 2018

*On Paper Supreme, Extension Space, Shenyang, Liaoning,  Sept 16th – Oct 21st  2018

*Artist Nomination Exhibition, Huaiyin art gallery, Huai ‘an shi, Jiangsu, July-Aug 2018

*On Paper Supreme, Ordos Culture and Art Centre , Inner Mongolia , Aug 17th – Sept 10th  2018

*International Abstract Art , ChungChuen College, Jinan, July 2018

* On Paper Supreme, QingDao , Tiantai Art Centre, June 2018

* Existence , International Feminist Art Exhibition,  Mezzi Bookstore Art Space , Changsha

* Excavations 20 April-4th June  He Gallery, Golf Club.

*’Mortgaged Time’ 21st- 29th April at Red Gate Gallery , 798 Beijing  April 21st

*’Excavations’ 12-18th Enjoy Museum 798,  Beijing   preview 5 pm 12th April

* 5 week residency at Guanlan Printmaking base , Shenzhen (Feb-March 2018)

*Lunar New Year theme exhibition “Red Fruit” showing at Raycom IT centre, Zhongguancun,  28th Jan continues to March 3rd, organised by RoveArt , supporting the Female Protection Fund.

*Chinese & Foreign Visual Arts Hunan,  at the Meixi Academy Book Complex, Changsha Dec 26th to Jan 26th 2018.

* ‘Beyond Time’  Raycom IT Centre, Zhongguangcun, Beijing Dec – Jan 27th  2018

*”Qualitative Phase and The Narrative” Beijing Film Academy Triennial Exhibition at Dong Yue Art Museum, Beijing, curated by Li Zhen till Dec 18th 2017…………………………………………….


由此及彼——中(国)爱(尔兰)女艺术家邀请展 The Pattern That Connects Sept 2020
Wuxi Bund Art Centre “Silent Explosion”
My interview with Today Art Museum and Today Art Media on the COVID era

Recent Interview , click on above image April 2020

Link to newspaper coverage -Carlow Nationalist (click on image)

In Her Eyes, F&E 100x100cm acrylic on canvas, 倪芙瑞莲Niamh Cunningham 2019

Silent Explosion
‘China-Ireland’ exhibition Shanghai Nov 29th 2019

China Ireland exhibition at MUSEu&m, Shanghai , opening Nov 29th

‘Whirls in the Old’ in New York at the exhibition ‘1919’

1919-Whirls in the Old Terezin acrylic on canvas 30x30cm Niamh Cunningham 2019

Gobi Heaven Art Festival August 2019

Participating in the International Artists program for this exciting event in the Gobi Dessert

Jul.Aug 2019 Group Exhibition , Hamilton Gallery , Sligo, Ireland and also Sept 2019 at the Irish Consulate Offices , Park Ave NYC
Granary Art exhibition SiShui Shandong June 2019

Granary Art Exhibition SiSHui , Shangdong June 2019 click on image

Swim Duck Video …30 sec clip of original work recently shown at Bloomsday event at Embassy of Ireland Niamh Cunningham 2019
clip from Swim Duck video Niamh Cunningham 2019

Clip from 'Swim Duck' Video by Niamh Cunningham 2019

Group exhibition in Sishui, Shangdong 正在展出

Granary Art Museum , Sishui, Jining , Shandong

April /May 2019 in Budapest 近期展出匈牙利

Currently showing in Budapest Aprli- May 2019

Wandering Rocks series of portraits 游岩系列
Web Of Fabulous Grass – Sucrose Series Click on image for Artist Profile English &简体中文
Talk on James Joyce at Bookworm with prof Fu Hao 乔伊斯座谈会
Aritst Talk on James Joyce at Beijing Bookworm

Talk on James Joyce at Bookwork Beijing April 2019

Map and Territory project Nov -Dec 2018 at Beijing Geely University
Map and Territory

Map and Territory

Artist talk at Beijing Geely College Dec 11th 2018
-.On Paper Supreme made its final exhibition for 2018 in Beijing Songzhuang opening Nov 16th
Group exhibition Hamilton Gallery, Sligo
Hamilton Gallery Sligo - Lonely Impulse 2

A response to WB Yeats poem 'An Irish Airman Foresees his Death'

Group show Oct 27th Shanghai Bund 27 The House of Roosevelt House , the Bund Shanghai
With curator Guo Zhen at the opening of Existence in Changsha , exhibition continues till end of July 2018


Recent ‘At your Leisure’ Summer exhibition Jiangsu “悠游“——淮阴艺术馆
exhibited in Jinan curated by Ma Yi Ying
简体中文Artist Interview & Profile for the Art Project ‘Existence’
Group exhibition at Red Gate in April 2018 focussing on antiwar poet Ingeborg Bachmann
Niamh Cunningham 'Bachmann Girl' 2017

Artwork for poster is 'Bachmann Girl' 100x100cm Acrylic on Canvas by Niamh Cunningham 2017

Recent Posts
Excavations showing at Enjoy Museum 798 April 2018

Excavations , a cross collaborative exhibition showing contemporary art by Chinese and Irish artists , showing in Enjoy Museum, 798 , 2018.4.12

Very honoured to have Irish Ambassador Eoin O’ Leary visit Chinese New Year exhibition “Red & Fruit”

Irish Ambassador Eoin O'Leary with subway paintings at Raycom Centre exhibition Feb 2018

The Grand Canal (Hangzhou to Beijing) artist residency(August 2021) and exhibition (Oct 2021)

RTE interview on preparing for upcoming group exhibition 2 min clip

Currently showing as part of the Common Threads project, at EPIC Irish Emigration Museum , Dublin

Feb 1 -14th , 2023