‘Bright Stick Trapped’ and other discoveries

After looking carefully at some high res images I believe that crystalisation is not necessarily pushing the ink, the ink in some cases is pushing the sugar , at least in the early stages of the sucrose series

2018.03.21 Niamh Cunningham ‘Bright Stick Trapped’ sucrose mixed media, 40 cm diam


The final exhibition for the project On Paper. Supreme  2018 has arrived in Songzhuang at the Guangju Museum of Art in the  Beijing Creative Centre (see last post).  It is a good time to review the changes in crystalisation for the Sucrose artworks in this project which have occurred at different rates for different layers of media. 

This process related art series documents the most interesting stages so collectors can have the photographic work of two or three stages to accompany the original artwork.  

Let’s begin with Bright Stick Trapped … many of the titles of work here come from one of my favourite nature poets Patrick Kavanagh from his poem Canal Bank Walk. (Seamus Heaney also loved Kavanagh for his nature poetry)

This work had minimal crystalistation , even though interesting things are happening with the ink layer, certain colours are lifted out of the original blur with patches of greens and browns more easily defined after all these months.


But even more exciting things are happening….

‘Unworn World- Hou Hai- Oval , mixed media sucrose, oval 30x 40 cm Niamh Cunningham  2018

《新生-后海》蔗糖及混合材质,30厘米x40厘米 椭圆形, 瑞莲 


Unworn World has burst into dramatic crystalisation which was due to several layers of media. The parts which excite me are the demonstration that ink has shifted, that suggests that before the outer layers of crystalisation begin the INK IS PUSHING THE SUGAR CRYSTALS and not necessarily the crystals pushing the ink.

After looking really carefully at the high res images this evening, so excited ! (2018.11.22) If you look at the detail here after six weeks the second image has colour pushing against the white crystals (see the curved lines )At least that is where my understanding is at the moment. I will need to find many more examples. 


Other works included as part of the On Paper.Supreme 2018 project:







These works were part of the On Paper Supreme project for 2018 .