Artworks in showroom of WanLiu Properties

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A collection of my work on display at Wanliu Property showrooms in Beijing.

A number of nature-themed oil-on-canvas and a smaller number of abstract paperworks including a couple  of works of the choreographer Yang Liping paperworks  were purchased by the group.



All the paintings displayed in this showroom are my work.

Many thanks to Emily de Wolfe Pettit of Peking Art Associates for representing me in this project.
Niamh Cunningham,Guilin Mountains, 100x80cm, Oil on Canvas

Niamh Cunningham, Xiao Jie canal, 120x100cm,  Oil on Canvas 

Niamh Cunningham , Yunnan Bamboo, 150 x 115cm, Oil on Canvas 






Niamh Cunningham,  Fire, 70x70cm, ink and Chinese colour on paper 






Niamh Cunningham, Breathe,  70x70cm, ink and Chinese colour on paper 





Niamh Cunningham, 27.12.2016,  60x 50cm,   ink and Chinese colour on paper