Age of Exploration- Fion Gunn

Fion Gunn, Age of Exploration no2, 2017 76x76cm, canvas, acrylic, collage 探索时代 2号,2017年76x76cm厘米帆布,丙烯酸漆,拼贴画 Age of Exploration offers scintillating perspectives on seafaring travel , reflecting on global resettlement from both historical and contemporary perspectives. The solo exhibition by Fion Gunn continues at He Gallery Laipeng Golf space until June 3rd. 

Fion Gunn, The Dream of Zhang He, 2017, paper, acrylic, collage, 190x57cm 探索时代1号,2017年275×275厘米帆布,丙烯酸漆,拼贴画,银叶

Fleets on the horizon make reference to Chinese explorer admiral Zheng He (  credited by some people as having discovered America). Gunn celebrates the ambition of silk route trading – the to-ing and fro-ing of peoples, cultures, artefacts and plant life across the globe. Fion Gunn, Age of Exploration, #1, Fion Gunn 2017 273x273cm, acrylic/canvas/collage 探索时代1号,2017年 275×275厘米帆布,丙烯酸漆,拼贴画,银叶 Childhood fascination with tales of exploration, of adventure (and often exploitation) – the accounts of Marco Polo, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Dafoe’s Robinson Crusoe, thread through the work . Gunn remains intrigued by the choices made by the heroes/ villains as well as the complex investigations of human morality and ethics made by Joseph Conrad in Lord Jim and Heart of Darkness. As a woman who was once a girl, she seeks to reveal the female dimension in this ‘boy’s own’ world.

Fion Gunn, Watching History, 2017, paper, polycarbonate, acrylic, thread,collage, 78×57 cm 看着历史、2017、纸张、聚碳酸酯、丙烯酸、 线程、拼贴画、78×57 cm .

Gunn grew up on the Coal Quay in Cork Ireland, her grandfather was a boat builder on the banks of the river Lee for half the year and then travelled to New to work as a set designer on Broadway for the other half of the year travelling across the Atlantic annually living the life of a part time immigrant .

Fion Gunn, Sailing on the Gorges #4, 2016 acrylic, handmade paper, collage, 78x57cm 帆船在峡谷的# 4、2016 腈纶、手工纸、拼贴画、78x57cm

Gunn works from her studio in London but comes to China every year . I have worked with Gunn co curating dozens of exhibitions with her over the past six years in China with Irish Wave and Intimate Transgressions and other smaller projects.

Fion Gunn, The Immigrants, #1, 2017 100x100cm, acrylic/canvas/collage 移民没有。1, 2017,100x100cm,丙烯酸漆,帆布,拼贴。

‘The Immigrants’ examines the legacy of personal histories which have been changed and twisted by the great tides of human movement from continent to continent, sometimes voluntarily but many times by force or desperation. Fion

Gunn, Remembering the Scribe, 2017, paper, canvas, acrylic, collage, 57x57cm 记住抄写员,2017年,帆布,纸,丙烯酸漆,线,拼贴,57×57厘米 Displaced # 5, 2016 paper, acrylic, collage , 78x57cm流离失所者# 5, 2016 纸、压克力、拼贴画、78x57cm

‘Where there is trade the risk of war and conflict is lessened but there is a dark underbelly of trafficking, exploitation and pollution ’ Gunn said.

Fion Gunn, Dreamer, 2017 handmade papers, acrylic, collage, 78 x57cm 梦想家, 2017 :手工纸,亚克力,拼贴 78x57cm 

Age of Exploration will continue to run until May 3 rd.  E mail contact for He Gallery :