At Your Leisure – Huai Yin Art Museum, Huai’an, Jiangsu

Hou Hai sucrose on printed cotton, mixed media, 20 cm diam,2018

Excerpt from catalogue 

……Abstract art has established a position in the mainstream of painting today and so it is a surprise to find an Irish artist follow the traditional laws of focus and perspective, embarking on a similar path to David Hockney. Cunningham 瑞莲 Ruilian has travelled extensively in China and it is obvious that the landscapes have influenced her style. She may even be more enthusiastic about Chinese landscape than Chinese artists themselves. The rolling mountains, the unreached horizon and the hustle and bustle of the city streets and buildings continue as witness to her travels, and are witnesses to her understanding of China. …..

Curator Xie Hai August 2018

The summer exhibition in Jiangsu, curated by Xie Hai, was held at Huaiyin Art Museum on July 24th 2018.  Xie said the project focussed on the individual artist painting language and development of the artist’s style.

This annual exhibition ”  Youyou ” or  “At your Leisure” continued through to August 31st and hosted the work of 19 impressive artists: 

Xie Hai,  Chen Hao, Dai Shaolong, Deng Daping, Fang Jinghua, He Lanshan, He Weina, Li Yihu, Li Bangyao, Liu Yibin, Li Jintao, Ruilian (Niamh Cunningham) , Tang Ningrong, Wang Wei, Wang Guobin, Yuan Xiaoyu  including Zhang Jianhua, Zhang Zhan and Zhu Zhigang

Exhibition location: Huaiyin Art Museum, (C2-6, Wenmiao Xintiandi, Qingjingpu District, Huai’an City)


The catalogue for the show has just arrived highlighting some of my sucrose series alongside earlier landscape oils such as Yunnan Hillside Panorama and a cityscapes . 

Niamh Cunningham, Water City Huiyuan Oil on Canvas 100x 300cm (2017) 

Niamh Cunningham , Yunnan Hillside Panorama, 50 x150cm Oil on Canvas (2014) 


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A big thank you to all the people of Huaiyin Art museum, to  curator Xie Hai, and also to my friend Zhu Zhigang (artistic director)  , to Xie Tian and all the organizers and supporters of this wonderful project and for the production of such a beautiful catalogue.