Existence -What the Artists Say

The art of feminism

This post is an overview of the exhibition at the Mezzi bookstore art space in Changsha which opened on May 20th. The exhibition focusses on various aspects of feminist art culture. “We hope that this high quality art collective by sixteen artists will reveal some of the challenges and struggles for women in present day societies ” said curator Zhen Guo who is also a practitioner artist based in New York . “We also hope to unite women of diverse nationalities and ethnicities , promoting the status of women in their respective communities.”


“Just as we think the art of feminism is about to be a thing of the past” said academic advisor Yaxi Guo ” the tragedies women experience are universal as highlighted by Women in the Dark program  presented by the installation by Franziska Greber. ”


Cautions are highlighted by the academic host Leier Ai in the exhibition catalogue, “Many exhibitions by all female artist have the danger of being secular and commoditized” she said “But in terms of language form and concept of feminist art this exhibition has a more progressive exploration of narratives . For example the Pillar of Time  utilizes  concepts of time and symbols and soft materials to construct female narratives. Material  form and techniques are perfectly unified in the Mother  establishing an impressive monument to female existence.” 

Gallery Manager Peng Junyao commented on visitors reactions. ” Many visitors wanted to talk more about the various stories that are taking place in this exhibition whether they are personal or not , whether it is happy or depressing it gives visitors a chance to recall and discuss with their friends. ”


Participating Artists: 

Laetitia Deschemps

Franzisika Greber

Guo Zhen

Xinmo Li 

Yuan Gao

Hayoon Jay lee 

Linlin Li 

Hung Liu 

Monika Lin 

Denise Keele- Bedford 

Tian Tang 

Baoju Wang 

Yinhong Yan 

Qiongfei Zhang 

Radka Hrabovska 

Niamh Cunningham 

Each artist talks about their work………



Laetitia Deschamps, ‘Raised Foot’ 75 x 118 cm, acrylic on paper 2017

Laetitia Deschamps (France)… what the artist says: 

We have to build a feminist culture which can challenge all preconceptions about what is ‘woman’s nature.’ We also need to reconstruct concepts of power such as property and money .

The gestural black acrylic lines spurting out anxious aerial lines forming hybrid life forms with familiar human like characteristics. These anthropomorphic figures carry fragile and vulnerable conditions which is what I am interested in.



Imbalance’ an installation by Franziska Greber at the Changsha exhibition “Existence” 

Franziska Greber (Switzerland)…what the artist says 

WOMEN IN THE DARK is an International Art Project where women ‘at risk’ share their experiences, pains , hopes and wishes by writing on white shirts (or equivalent female clothing) with a red permanent marker. The untold, unspoken and silence are central themes in these kinds of installation. The artwork in Changsha includes 52 shirts written by women from 6 different countries and a book with all the texts, translated into Chinese. Reaching this goal is made possible by collaborating with organisations within the respective country. IMBALANCE Chairs as objects evade their task, grow beyond themselves and show their backs. The courageous and strong statements of women, written on the shirts, crown the imbalance in its vulnerability.



 Zhen Guo, ‘Mother’ 900 x 250cm, textile, 2016

‘PunchBags’ installation by Guo Zhen  variable size 2014-2018

Guo Zhen (USA)…what the artist says :

As long as we live we cannot go beyond our own bodies and neither can we deny our own gender. The female body bears the most basic and primitive suffering of humanity …to perform the greatest creation. In the face of family, career and other choices women’s sacrifice is considered to be justified and common . I believe female consciousness retains the most stubborn truthfulness and the most terrible beauty . Striving for this artistic discourse is the responsibility of contemporary  artists.



  Performance “Forgotten Home’ by Li Xinmo outside the Mezzi complex Changsha  May 20th , 2018 

 Li Xinmo  a still image from video performance “Death of Xinkai River’

Li Xinmo China …what the artist says:

My performance was based on “Forgotten Home”, a poem from Paul Celan… It is green like a mold, it is a home forgotten. I came to this bustling commercial city center from the mountains with moss,green and a huge heavy drop of water. The world begins with a drop of water, it is the origin of all life, it is the womb, it is the archetype of tears, it is the ticking of the clock of time on earth. The background music was a slow but steady tolling bell, a disturbing chime. There was a change in the performance. I took the heavy water drop (balloon) and arranged lichen moss, the oldest of plants existing before animals and humans. I lay on moss and covered the corners of my mouth with this ancient green life. The water contained in the water drop finally split, green liquid, the blood of the plant spilled over my body. Eventually the potted plant grew out of my belly, just like growing out of the earth. At this point the rolling thunder above which began in the middle of the performance has turned to spits of rain . Just as the performance ends the clouds above burst into heavy rain. Everyone is amazed, puzzled , even a little suspicious of the timing with nature. And only I know there is a secret…



Gao Yuan ‘Twelve Moons’ digital print


Gao Yuan (Taiwan China )…what the artist says:


Twelve moons is a series about 12 Chinese mothers, their 12 children, and twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. The birth year animal is believed to be a determining factor in each persons life. Using the Madonna and Child symbolism I wanted to connect the Chinese society of today with the time of the Italian Renaissance as there with similar gaps in cultural and wealth distribution. I wanted to explore the rapid development of the new China economy and what comes with it: the mothers came from distant villages from all over China and their husbands were low wage workers on construction sites. The children aged between 3-8 months a period of the most rapid physical growth just as the new China emerges from its high speed growth.



Still from performance video Hayoon Jay Lee 

Hayoon Jay Lee (Korea) …what the artist says  

My art (performance video) dwells on the intricate tangle of poverty in the midst of plenty, states of impoverished prosperity and cycles of hope and despair. These states take place on a personal and a political level existing first in the mind, through the body and into the social domain. I use rice as a motif and metaphor, serving as a symbol of prosperity and fecundity of well being in general , essential for life as well as an essential right.      



Li Linlin ‘Who will comfort me’ digital print 110x 65cm 2017

Li Linlin…what the artist says 

My intention is to create a non realistic private space with an illusory narrative. Exploring symbolic elements such as large numbers of nude Barbie dolls, they look graceful yet hold sharp knives , swords or snakes The look downwards from an oppressive height challenging conventional traditions , a social reality , challenging peoples desire for voyeurism.


Liu Hong ‘Fallen Flowers’ oil on canvas 25 x 25cm  2015

Liu Hong (United States)…what the artist says 

Women are the subjects of most my works . There used to be an old folk song in China ‘Within the 18 levels of hell, women are at the bottom’ 三从四德 3 from4 virtues is to tell women before they marry they should obey the father , when they marry they should obey the husband and once he is dead they should obey the child. From birth to death she never has a sense of herself. I want to make a tribute to the anonymous women, although it is a late offering , to allow them occupy the walls of galleries and museums, to have a place in history .




Monika Lin ‘Lacquered’ a series of portraits  nail polish on mirror 50x 40x 4 cm  2014-2018 

Monika Lin (United States)…what the artist says :

In my work I ask questions about gender , beauty and class while searching for ways to make materials speak, so that the materials and subjects create a space for dialogue. In ‘Lacquered’, portraits of manicurists (these are often migrant workers from rural areas working in the major cities) , the portraits are painted with nail lacquer on mirrors to subvert the viewer /subject relationship. To question who are we really looking at and of course the mirrors continue to function as normal reflections of the viewer.



Denise Keele-Bedford 30×15 x8 cm 2016

Denise Keele- bedford  (Australia) …what the artist says : 

A woman is a woman regardless of race , colour, class , culture, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or physical appearance. My work reflects on discrimination, oppression and abuse of comfort women who are victims of war through inequality.

Silent screams is a symbol of trauma, yet also it is a symbol of strength to endure , survive to support each other and build power to have their voices heard.



Tang Tian ‘Ji Dian preceding 2015 AD”  120 x140 ,120 x 140 cm oil on canvas 2015 

Tang Tian (China) …what the artist says:

The ‘Ji Dian Bi Years ‘juxtaposes two different spaces in time, that of a world where a female surname civilization exists , it is facing at 90 degrees the male surname inherited world .

In the ancient female civilization, women inherit their surnames to continue down the ages but the male has no surname. In the female world women have freedom of reproduction , they are sexually aware and independent and are free to inherit their own surname . The women represented by Ji Dian civilization offers a restoration of the current civilization. (The artist noted that although traditions differ in East and West regarding name inheritance she makes reference to the general global patriarchal culture .)





Wang Baoju ‘Hidden Weapons’ installation , mops, brooms, size variable 2016

Wang Baoju (China) …what the artist says:

Although I have neither bypassed nor emphasized my career as a female artist I regret that I have never studied the theory of art of feminism and so the character of feminism is neither controlling nor guiding my works . The core concern of my work is what is reasonable yet persuasive and if there is clarity of expression. Hidden Weapons  applies tools which women use most in their daily lives. Brooms, dusters and mops have been appropriated as guns, this leads to questions about where is the strength in women’s daily lives? Can the materiality of the feather, cloth, duster be viewed as sharp and resistant? The aim is to suggest the strength of women evolves from daily struggles of life instead of warfare.

Hidden Weapons Wang Baoju link



Yan Yinhong,’Moulin Rouge/Hong Mill’ mixed media , dimensions variable  2018

Yan Yinhong (China) …what the artist says:

‘Moulin Rouge’ Hong Mill ‘1.4m wide and 3.6m high, cubic cylinder 2018mixed media , 120 x200x200cm 2009 Yinhong Yan

I think women experience more repression in life than men and they accumulate energy from that. The work I create comes from this intrinsic energy . My work reflects on physiological gender and the social issues which arise throughout history in societal life .

I have been working with black ink the cuboid format since the early 90s, with different stages of evolvement. These tied up women, trapped in hopelessness are psychological projections of myself , I aim to project a complicated and distorted world . There are also contradicting elements of the world of play ‘Wanshi’ but a threatening seriousness interlaced with this as I carry the name Yan meaning seriousness.




Zhang Qiongfei ‘ Rose of Wilderness ‘ acrylic on paper 228 x 115 cm  2016 


Zhang Qiongfei ‘Bed’ acrylic on paper 185 x 105 cm  2015

Zhang Qiongfei (China)… what the artist says :

Most of the time, I do not intentionally set out from gender perspective in my creations. But when I forget my own identity and cultural background to enter into a relatively free state, I discover that there are unavoidable feminist leanings in my works, such as themes of the body, sex, and children in my paintings, themes of violence against women, the oft-mentioned experience of bleeding in my works, the sense of trauma… I can only respond that these are intuitive expressions of my instincts as a woman. My work focusses on two concepts, the material of existence and that of the imaginary. Both are a personal interpretation my existence and are reflected in the objects I express.




Radoslava Hraovska ‘Life Lines’ Etching & Thread, 80 x 120 cm 2018 Radoslava Hrabovska

Radka Hrabovska (Slovakia)…what the artist says : 

My children are my world, the subjects of my despair, the reason for my exhaustion and absolute happiness. Motherhood teaches me the value of time. Making art is a respite from exhaustion, seeking beauty in the banal, the culmnination of a full human life. The primal nature of the scratched outlines expresses the insurmountable challenges any mother faces  preparing to raise another human being ready to thrive and contribute to a more equal society . (I also work in illustration for children. )



Niamh Cunningham ‘Pillar of Time’ 320x 70cm diam , wool, 2012



Niamh Cunningham ‘Hair Skull’ artists hair, 23,23,25cm 2013

Niamh Cunningham (Ireland) …what the artist says :

During the process of making the Hair Skull I reflect on the potential psychological qualities of using my own DNA as an art material. For example, selecting one strand it for its tensile quality which can hold the shape and occupy space. Another strand is selected for its elasticity, these qualities speak of enduring strength and resilience throughout history even though most women have been written out of history books and museums. More information on artworks


With Yan Yinhong in standing front on the exhibition poster 


Sincere thanks to: curator Zhen Guo for her vision and determination in pulling such an ambitious project together  making a very welcoming and reflective space, Zhang Haixia (chairperson of Bu Gao group Changsha) for supporting this landmark exhibition ,  Wu Xiaobin (head of culture and art BBK Group) and all the people of Mezzi book complex and gallery manager Peng JunYao and manager Yang li Hui.


Niamh Cunningham- Bio 。。。个人简介-倪芙瑞莲
'The Pattern that Connects' is part of the Common Threads project showing at EPIC Museum Irish Emigration Museum, Dublin Feb 1- 14th

Currently Showing Oct 2022: The Sasse Museum of Art , Pomona, CA, in the US opened a photography exhibition last weekend showing a process print (23.01.2018) from my mixed media Sucrose Series "Ginkgo Palace", Niamh Cunningham 2018
The original physical sucrose plate and accompanying print on aluminium was collected at Art Beijing 2021
Promoting Connectivity through Creative Industries Sept 2022 at Yindi Art Museum, hosted by Opportunity Lab
Hair Skull recently exhibited (Oct 1st-7th 2022) at Art Plus Shanghai , the group exhibition"Linear" is curated by Chang Feng

For more information on the Hair Skull and working with DNA as an art material click HERE

Ann Derwin, Ambassador to Ireland in China with gallerist 庞春慧Peng Chun Hui at For 觅 gallery , August 2022
Currently showing - Moon Covenant

Artist talk on gathering peoples tree stories before Spitoon Book Club discussion on Pulitzer prize winning novel " The Overstory" by Richard Powers
Online Catalogue launched Jan 2022 , showing Sucrose Series alongside Microbe Art
Recently exhibited in Xishuangbanna State Art Museum Dec 2021
Canal Bank Walk , Yuan Dadu Culural Relics Park Beijing
Grand Canal artist Residency and Exhibition

Her Name Penninsula Art Museum Weihai, Shandong 16 July- 22 Oct 2021

Linear….. showing at LangKong Art Museum (朗空美术馆) 07.7-30.7.21
Suzhou Couples Retreat Gardens
The Second Step – mini solo of 18 portraits in HouHai from 6.6 tp 8.8 2021
Astro World Exit Tourism – Group exhibition June 2021
Recently ART Beijing 2021 Booth B28 Irish Contemporary Art
Early stage – Sculpture project HongFangzi ShaWan Sichuan
Current Events 正在展出


2022 9月   谷山村中国农民丰收节暨大地艺术节


2022 9月   传粉者:北京西山鼓山乡村公园的再生材料雕塑



2022 6-8“月亮之约” For觅画廊,通州,北京

2022 1 来自爱尔兰的艺术家 ,线上展览 在线链接

2022 1 清华大学精准医学研究院, EBM 中心





20217 “线性”,798朗空美术馆,北京



2021610“万物有灵——多样之美” 艺术展与企业社会责任国际论坛,北京

20216“第二步”(小型个人展),龙头井胡同JoyBeans Space,北京

20216“天体世界:出逃旅行” 蓝色港湾KUN美术馆,北京

2021年3月4月 ART Beijing 2021

202012 艺术推动可持续未来” 中国企业社会责任国际学术研讨会, 北京泰富酒店


20207  “沉默的爆破”,无锡外滩美术馆,江苏无锡, 7月11日至31日

2019年11月”中国 爱尔兰  MUSEu&m , 上海

*2019年11月装置中国—红房子首届国际户外装置创作营在乐山沙湾红房子开营 …开始阶段

*2019年8月*Gobi Heaven- August 戈壁。天堂-八月

*2019年7月”1919″ 爱尔兰  Sligo -Hamilton Gallery  

*2019年5月“胜日寻芳“ 山东济宁市泗水等闲谷艺术粮仓美术馆

2019年5月-16 爱尔兰大使馆布卢姆日的展览

20195-6  《一张棉花纸》   在宋庄东区玖层美术馆展出



*2018年11月-12月“地图与疆域”国际艺术邀请展 北京吉利学院


*2018, 10月中欧国当代艺术全球巡展·上海

2018, 9月-10月“纸上·至上”展览,沈阳市拓•空间,

2018, 6月-11月诗人叶芝日,爱尔兰,斯莱戈(SLIGO),汉密尔顿艺术画廊

*2018年8月 淮阴艺术馆提名展,淮安市

*2018, 8月 “纸上·至上”展览, 鄂尔多斯,

*2018 , 6月30日 济南“国际抽象艺术展”

*2018 , 6月17 日 纸上•至上2018 在青岛,

*2018 , 5月20 日存在-国际女性艺术展,湖南长沙,

*2018 , 4月21 日延缓的时间,4月21日-29日,红门画廊,798艺术区

*2018 , 4月20 日 挖掘,,和画廊,来鹏高尔夫俱乐部

*2018年4月-12日 挖掘, , 展览,悦美术馆,北京798艺术区




*2017年12月末至2018年1月末, 《时间之外》主题艺术展, 北京中关村融科资讯中心

*2017年12月, 形质与叙事, 形质与叙事, 东岳美术馆

 *2017年12月,广州新造当代艺术中心,纸上·至上 纸艺作品群展.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

* Gushan Rural Village Park Harvest  Autumn 2022

Current Exhibition


Recent  exhibitions:

2022 Moon Covenant Forgallery , Grasse Town , Beijing June- August

2022 Artists from Ireland (online) Sasse Museum of Art Pomona, CA, USA (catalogue link)

2022 Peoples’ Portraits EBM Centre, Tsinghua Uni Intelligent HealthCare, BJ

2021 Rhythm of Life Xishuangbanna Art Museum, Jinghong, Dec

2021 Linear Jingheng Art centre, Jinshan, Shanghai Dec

2021 Abstract China, Taizhou, Jiangsu Oct-Nov

2021 Meet the Grand Canal Xinguanda Centre Tongzhou, Oct

2021 Linear Langkong Art Museum 798, Beijing July

2021 Her Name – Existence Peninsula Art Museum, Weihai, July

2021 Silent and Soft -New Interpretations Suzhou classical Gardens June

2021 All things Bright CSR symposium Shangrila Hotel, Beijing June 10th

2021 The Second Step (mini solo) Joy Beans Space, Jiu Longtou hutong, June

* AstroWorld Kun Art Museum June 5 2021

*Portraits (solo) Joybeans  Hou  Hai 6.6-8.8

*River things  Suzhou Zhenyuan garden UNESCO world Heritage Training and Research centre June 12 th

*Art Beijing  2021 Booth B28  Garden of Friendship

*“Art promotes a Sustainable Future” China CSR international symposium Dec 2020.

*Silent Explosion, Wuxi Bund Art Centre, Jiangsu,  July 11-31 2020

* Sculpture project in HongFangzu , Shawan, Sichuan , begining phase Nov 2019

Current Exhibition

*China Ireland exhibition at MUSEU&m, near the Bund , Shanghai, Nov 29th 2019

* Sculpture project in HongFangzu , Shawan, Sichuan , begining phase Nov 2019

*1919 – Group Exhibition (Hamilton Gallery) in New York, Irish Consulate

*1919 – Group Exhibition Hamilton Gallery , Sligo , Ireland July – September

*Gobi Heaven Art Festival , Inner Mongolia , August 2019

*A piece of Cotton Paper  9th floor gallery Songzhuang June 15th

*”Winning the Day ‘ Granary Art Centre,  SiShui , Shandong, May – June 2019

*Beyond the form of Art , Wick Art Centre , Budapest, Hungary may 2019

*Odyssey The Return ; group exhibition at Dong Yue Art Museum, Beijing  in April

Map and Territory Art IRRCA at Beijing Geely College Nov 20- Dec 20 2018

*Thousands of Sprouts, an experimental online exhibition – by Elizabeth Ross  Nov 2018

* On Paper Supreme, Gwangju Art Museum Beijing Creative Centre Songzhuang Nov- Dec 2018

*China Europe Internaitional Contemporary Art Global Tour Shanghai Oct 2018

*An Irish Airman foresees his Death – Hamilton Gallery Sligo, Ireland June – Nov 2018

*On Paper Supreme, Extension Space, Shenyang, Liaoning,  Sept 16th – Oct 21st  2018

*Artist Nomination Exhibition, Huaiyin art gallery, Huai ‘an shi, Jiangsu, July-Aug 2018

*On Paper Supreme, Ordos Culture and Art Centre , Inner Mongolia , Aug 17th – Sept 10th  2018

*International Abstract Art , ChungChuen College, Jinan, July 2018

* On Paper Supreme, QingDao , Tiantai Art Centre, June 2018

* Existence , International Feminist Art Exhibition,  Mezzi Bookstore Art Space , Changsha

* Excavations 20 April-4th June  He Gallery, Golf Club.

*’Mortgaged Time’ 21st- 29th April at Red Gate Gallery , 798 Beijing  April 21st

*’Excavations’ 12-18th Enjoy Museum 798,  Beijing   preview 5 pm 12th April

* 5 week residency at Guanlan Printmaking base , Shenzhen (Feb-March 2018)

*Lunar New Year theme exhibition “Red Fruit” showing at Raycom IT centre, Zhongguancun,  28th Jan continues to March 3rd, organised by RoveArt , supporting the Female Protection Fund.

*Chinese & Foreign Visual Arts Hunan,  at the Meixi Academy Book Complex, Changsha Dec 26th to Jan 26th 2018.

* ‘Beyond Time’  Raycom IT Centre, Zhongguangcun, Beijing Dec – Jan 27th  2018

*”Qualitative Phase and The Narrative” Beijing Film Academy Triennial Exhibition at Dong Yue Art Museum, Beijing, curated by Li Zhen till Dec 18th 2017…………………………………………….


由此及彼——中(国)爱(尔兰)女艺术家邀请展 The Pattern That Connects Sept 2020
Wuxi Bund Art Centre “Silent Explosion”
My interview with Today Art Museum and Today Art Media on the COVID era

Recent Interview , click on above image April 2020

Link to newspaper coverage -Carlow Nationalist (click on image)

In Her Eyes, F&E 100x100cm acrylic on canvas, 倪芙瑞莲Niamh Cunningham 2019

Silent Explosion
‘China-Ireland’ exhibition Shanghai Nov 29th 2019

China Ireland exhibition at MUSEu&m, Shanghai , opening Nov 29th

‘Whirls in the Old’ in New York at the exhibition ‘1919’

1919-Whirls in the Old Terezin acrylic on canvas 30x30cm Niamh Cunningham 2019

Gobi Heaven Art Festival August 2019

Participating in the International Artists program for this exciting event in the Gobi Dessert

Jul.Aug 2019 Group Exhibition , Hamilton Gallery , Sligo, Ireland and also Sept 2019 at the Irish Consulate Offices , Park Ave NYC
Granary Art exhibition SiShui Shandong June 2019

Granary Art Exhibition SiSHui , Shangdong June 2019 click on image

Swim Duck Video …30 sec clip of original work recently shown at Bloomsday event at Embassy of Ireland Niamh Cunningham 2019
clip from Swim Duck video Niamh Cunningham 2019

Clip from 'Swim Duck' Video by Niamh Cunningham 2019

Group exhibition in Sishui, Shangdong 正在展出

Granary Art Museum , Sishui, Jining , Shandong

April /May 2019 in Budapest 近期展出匈牙利

Currently showing in Budapest Aprli- May 2019

Wandering Rocks series of portraits 游岩系列
Web Of Fabulous Grass – Sucrose Series Click on image for Artist Profile English &简体中文
Talk on James Joyce at Bookworm with prof Fu Hao 乔伊斯座谈会
Aritst Talk on James Joyce at Beijing Bookworm

Talk on James Joyce at Bookwork Beijing April 2019

Map and Territory project Nov -Dec 2018 at Beijing Geely University
Map and Territory

Map and Territory

Artist talk at Beijing Geely College Dec 11th 2018
-.On Paper Supreme made its final exhibition for 2018 in Beijing Songzhuang opening Nov 16th
Group exhibition Hamilton Gallery, Sligo
Hamilton Gallery Sligo - Lonely Impulse 2

A response to WB Yeats poem 'An Irish Airman Foresees his Death'

Group show Oct 27th Shanghai Bund 27 The House of Roosevelt House , the Bund Shanghai
With curator Guo Zhen at the opening of Existence in Changsha , exhibition continues till end of July 2018


Recent ‘At your Leisure’ Summer exhibition Jiangsu “悠游“——淮阴艺术馆
exhibited in Jinan curated by Ma Yi Ying
简体中文Artist Interview & Profile for the Art Project ‘Existence’
Group exhibition at Red Gate in April 2018 focussing on antiwar poet Ingeborg Bachmann
Niamh Cunningham 'Bachmann Girl' 2017

Artwork for poster is 'Bachmann Girl' 100x100cm Acrylic on Canvas by Niamh Cunningham 2017

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Excavations showing at Enjoy Museum 798 April 2018

Excavations , a cross collaborative exhibition showing contemporary art by Chinese and Irish artists , showing in Enjoy Museum, 798 , 2018.4.12

Very honoured to have Irish Ambassador Eoin O’ Leary visit Chinese New Year exhibition “Red & Fruit”

Irish Ambassador Eoin O'Leary with subway paintings at Raycom Centre exhibition Feb 2018

The Grand Canal (Hangzhou to Beijing) artist residency(August 2021) and exhibition (Oct 2021)

RTE interview on preparing for upcoming group exhibition 2 min clip

Currently showing as part of the Common Threads project, at EPIC Irish Emigration Museum , Dublin

Feb 1 -14th , 2023