On the Bund, the China–Europe Global Tour

The view from The House of Roosevelt, 27 the Bund where China – Europe International Contemporary Art Global Tour.Shanghai was launched.


The opening ceremony was a grand elegant affair attracting support and endorsements from a range of cultural entities. The reception was hosted by Yu Tinting, founder of Qiyi culture. Speeches were delivered by Victor King founder of Global Investor Hub,  Li Jiashan, Executive Vice President of National Institute of Cultural Development, Mr POLO (chairman) and Mr. Ignasi Guardans i Cambo (a former MEP) and curators Ma Yiying and Longjing Li .

Shanghai Foreign Cultural Exchange Association aims to strengthen the mutual understanding and friendly cooperation between this city and the countries of the world and the people of all regions through non-governmental international culture exchange. 

CCIEU Creative Culture platform is an organization based in Brussels which promotes the creative culture industry throughout the globe

GIH Global Investors Hub receives fund investment, provides investment banking services and connects affiliated clubs to the global investment resource platform.


Artworks of Li Wei next to artwork by Monika Lin

Sucroses by Niamh Cunningham next to artwork by Ai Moyang

Paintings by Hao Fangyuan next to work by Denise Keeler Bedford

Artworks of Meng Luding next to work by Carl Janes



I would like to extend thanks to all of the supporters of the project mentioned above  , to Xu Wen of CCIEU and of course to curators Ma Yiying and Longjing Li for organizing the exhibition.

With curator Ma Yiying at the opening


Participating artists:

Ai Moyang, Cang Xing, Feng Zhengjie, Gu Wenda, Guo Zhen, Hao Fangyuan, Li Wei, Meng Luding, Ling Jian, Shen Jingdong, Wang Guofeng, Wu Di, Yang Xiaojian, Zhang Wei, Zao Wou-ki, Chu Teh-chun, Anna Kazmina (Russia), Denise Keele-Bedford(Australia), Franziska Greber(Switzerland), Girar Bourriau(France), Carl Janis(USA), Lee Seungha(South Korea), Pablo Avendaño(Spain), Rosa Juanco(Spain), Martin Derbyshire(UK), Monica(USA), Niamh Cunningham(Ireland)


To see individual artists’ work please click on the  see the link below

China- Europe International Contemporary Art Global Tour Shanghai




The next blog will be an update on a selection of my work ‘The Sucrose Series ‘ which was showing at this exhibition.  

I will take a look at the changes of crystallisation over the course of the past 10 months, discuss a little bit about the process involved, concepts behind the work and how this changing work will be documented making it more collectable for investors.


Committee:POLO(Chairman), Xu Yuying, Ben Zhang, Xiang Jinjing, He Jinjing, Chen Dongjun, Wang Zhuoya, Zhu Guangshuai