Red & Fruit at Raycom centre throughout Chinese New Year Festival

Currently showing in a Chinese New Year themed exhibition with the Roaming Museum. Located in the IT tech industry area of Zhongguang Cun, Beijing, newly opened Raycom centre has a shopping and leisure area on level B1 where people and families can wander about in the “Melting Space”.

LiushuiQiao Subway-2 120x100cm Oil on Canvas 2013 Niamh Cunningham 

Participating artists :

Andrew Cole \ Baizi Zi \ Crow \ Chen Han \ Chen Lili \ big pocket \ Di Chong\ East Drum \ Hericium \ Liu Xiaoshu \ Niamh Cunningham \ Pang Shaoxian\ Pang Zhen Yong \ Sun Yi Fei \ Shan He \ Wang Yanfa \ Wei Ruiling \ Wujiang\ Yang Yan \ Yang Yang \ Yang Zhangsheng \ Zhang Runping \ Zeng Yong \ Zhao Wenjuan

The theme for the exhibition is Red Fruit, ‘Red’ being the first color of life which soothes the eternal flame of the soul and ‘Fruit’ is the accumulated growth through time and space.

When I first saw the title the meaning wasn’t so obvious until my Chinese teacher told me that this theme gives a very warm and hopeful feeling for the future .


Writer Luise Guest wrote about these works for ‘The Painted Thread’ a couple of years ago .

Lishuiqiao Ditie 1 and 2…… observing the unexpected beauty in the everyday. Racing between connecting lines she arrived at a quiet platform where a few people drifted gently, reflected in shiny, blank advertising hoardings on the opposite side. She was so struck by this image that she returned next day with a camera intending to film, but her plans were thwarted by fast-moving trains and hyper-vigilant station security. The paintings, in fiery tones of red and orange, are largely based on a vivid memory, an image that struck her artist’s eye with great force and seemed burned into the retina.

Luise Guest Sept 2016 

LiushuiQiao Subway 1 120x100cm Oil on Canvas 2013

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The exhibition continues till March 3rd 2018 .

Hall staff: East Drum \ grass \ big pocket \ CJ.WU

Host: Wandering Art Museum

Undertake: Beijing Rong Branch Information Center

Public-interest cooperation: Girls Protection Fund

Special thanks to: Beijing Shuimu Qingmei Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Exhibition time: 2018.1.28 – 2018.3.03

Exhibition Address: No. 1, Rongke Information Center, No. 2 South Section, Academy of Sciences, Haidian District, Beijing

Please refer to the map below for location.