Memory China-Italia Biennale 2014 Beijing

Memory Reflect Niamh Cunningham

June 28th August 20th at 798 Art space Memories Toward the Past

Many years ago I remember reading an autobiography titled ‘Unreliable Memoirs’ by Clive James. I chose it for the credibility of its title and happy to report it didn’t disappoint or at least… that is the way I remember it.

Memory is the theme of various exhibitions at the China-Italia Biennale curated by Sandro Orlandi. I would like to bring you a few of the highlights.

fengling performance copy

It is interesting to see the merging of contemporary art from these two ancient cultures. At the opening of the Memories toward the Past Feng Ling’s art performance involved the ancient skill of archery causing a set of mirrors to fall in domino effect to reveal the word Si in a final mirror.

Fengling aftershot copy


Si copy 2












There is a famous Chinese saying …..Even a good memory can’t be beaten by a memory that is written down.

Maiden Candor Berutti Valerio  copy

Maiden Candour Berutti Valerio 798 factory

Bach 26 equal temperments Chen Danyang Oil and Acrylic







Bach 26 equal temperments Chen Danyang Oil and Acrylic

When poet and curator Mian Bu interviewed Chen Danyang, Chen explained the lines gave variation but the spots of dropped pigment reflect light into every direction focusing on form and colours and the response to vision.

China-Italia Biennale Plastics Factory copy


China-Italia Biennale Plastics factory

Honey Cake  Bing Giovanni copy

Honey Cake Bing Giovanni  – Plastics Factory


Car Ma Jun  Plastics Factory

Tree Manuel Fellisi copy

Tree Manuel Fellisi (ceramic tiles)Plastics Factory

WU WEI copy

Wu Wei  the Plastics Factory

I have had the pleasure to work with Wu Wei as one of the participating artists with Irish Wave 2013 and 2014 and have known him for a while and is gaining an ever increasing reputation. These copper creatures are quite different from his signature paper sculptures but you can still see the organic patches of animal fur.